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Antec Minuet --- standoffs or no standoffs?

Antec Minuet --- standoffs or no standoffs?

I'm building an HTPC in an Antec Minuet case that I bought a couple of years ago. The manual says to use brass standoffs under the motherboard, just like any other case I've ever used. But if brass standoffs came with the case, I can't find them. And when I use standoffs from another Antec case, which fit, the motherboard is mounted way too high to fit the I/O panel.

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"This review of the Antec Menuet describes that it does not come with standoffs:

Unlike most cases, the Minuet 350
comes without any brass standoffs for
raising the motherboard off the back
panel. While the manual instructs you
to use standoffs, the case has several
raised metal domes to which you can
screw your microATX board directly.
This makes positioning the board
remarkably simple.

And this review too:

On first glance, the inside of the
Minuet 300 does not show anything odd
or unreasonable. About the only thing
worth mentioning is the fact that the
motherboard standoffs are built into
the motherboard tray (which is not
removeable). I think this is a really
nice feature as it really helps to cut
down on the amount of assembly
required since you don't have to worry
about finding your own standoffs and
screwing them all down in the correct