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Explorer.exe: No such interface supported

Explorer.exe: No such interface supported

Lately Windows 7 has been throwing these weird errors at me and refusing to open certain applications. From what I've managed to figure out, the problem might be a lost dll.

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"Some ideas:

Have you installed some product just before this started happening?
If yes, it might be the cause of the problem. An uninstallation is the best way to verify.
Try to boot in Safe mode (F8 during Windows startup). In this mode only Windows components are allowed to startup. If the problem disappears, then it's some installed product that's causing it. Download Autoruns, save a system restore point, and then use it to serially block products from starting with Windows, until you find the guilty one.
Based on the premise that something went wrong with your own account that prevents you from executing some programs, the solution would be to create a new user profile and abandon your old one.
Based on the premise that some dll went wrong, and if you have a real Windows installation DVD (meaning not just a restore one), you might try to do an upgrade installation. This would do an upgrade of your system to itself, meaning nothing, but will re-establish any wrong dlls.
The last-ditch effort would be to re-install Windows. But wait with this until some more ideas for solutions come in from others on this forum."
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"I would personally see if a system restore works, and failing that, do a re install of Windows.

This is not the sort of error that happens every day, it must of been caused by some sort of failure and even though there are methods that may be able to fix it, if you do not know what caused it - it could lead to problems later on."
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"Having a similar issue on Windows 2012, where it suddenly stopped opening Explorer.exe on Windows logon, and displayed a black desktop.
Any attempt to load Explorer.exe failed with error ""No such interface supported"".

I found a solution in http://www.w7forums.com/threads/no-such-interface-supported.17543/ :

From Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC), open CMD and run:

FOR /R C:\Windows\ %G IN (*.dll) DO ""%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe"" /s ""%G""

It will take some time and will open many Runtime errors messages, you can close them all.
Once completed, restart windows ( shutdown -r -t 0 ), and hold fingers..."
Guest [Entry]

"In reference to all of the above, thanks.Great ideas, but I've found the only way you can really fix this issue is with a Restore to a working restore Point.Pain in the butt but it works perfectly for me.As I Purposely create restore points once a week.This problem was caused FYI by a ""Scam"" software I bought called, Advanced System Repair. BEWARE of this software,it really destroys a lot of things.Running Win7, i7 CPU,32ram etc.Hope this helps someone,and I recommend creating restore points on a schedule base for sure.