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firefox flash drags performance down

firefox flash drags performance down

I have an old notebook with a hardware profile like this :

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"It's Flash. Mozilla themselves even pinpoint flash as one of the major extensions notorious for high memory usage.

Or you can block/control specific
instances of memory usage, such as for
Flash Player, via extensions or
configuration options. Flash images in
particular are pervasive in modern web
pages (as ads, videos, etc) and so are
a common source of memory usage.

Even Mozilla themselves recommend FlashBlock which can be found here.

If you are using an older version of Flash, it is recommended to upgrade to Flash Player 9 as soon as possible:

Also, version of Flash plugin
can continually consume memory while
you are on a web page that includes
Flash content. [35] Workarounds are to
remove the Flash plugin, block Flash
content, or manually navigate away
from pages with Flash.

Celeron is also an older chip and Flash can require a fair bit of CPU power at times."
Guest [Entry]

I agree with the other comments, but you can also use the addon AFOM to reduce memory usage/leakage. It's experimental, but I've found it very effective and with no problems.