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Firefox Garbled Text

Firefox Garbled Text

In FF 3.5.7 on Vista I am getting garbled text like below on some web pages.

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Guest [Entry]

"Go to about:config and set browser.display.auto_quality_min_font_size to something improbably-high to turn it off.

I've had this problem with fonts I naively copied-and-pasted from other systems into Windows (eg, really old Mac fonts), and only on Firefox with this setting in effect."
Guest [Entry]

"I surfed to github.com using FF 3.5.7 and didn't get this problem.
(If you have an example of a problematic URL, please post.)

I would suggest uninstalling FF using revo, then reinstalling from scratch.
Try then the display before installing any add-ons.
Then install the add-ons in steps, checking the problem every step."