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Is it possible to create a "background bar" for a cell in OO calc?

Is it possible to create a "background bar" for a cell in OO calc?

I have a column in OpenOffice calc which contains number values (between 0 and 40). I'd like to add a bar in the background of the cell which shows the value (to give an obvious visual clue which value is larger).

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"I've found a workaround: Just create a bunch of columns and set the background of them depending on the cell value. In the cells left to the value column, use a clever text color to make the text invisible (use White to turn it off and the desired bar color for ""On"").

Create three styles:

One derived from ""Standard Test"" with a text color ""White"". Call it ""Off"".
One derived from ""On"" with the desired background and a text color ""Black"".
Lastly, One derived from ""On2"" with the text color == the background color

Create a couple of columns before the value. Make them thin (.3-.5mm)
Assign the value of the value columns to the new columns (=F3 in E3 when your value is in F3)
Use conditional formatting in the value column (F in the example). For the value 0, use the style Off. For values > 0, use On.
Use conditional formatting in each new column to set the style to On2 if the value is large enough. Set the style to Off otherwise."