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Keyboard shortcut to paste in Windows command prompt

Keyboard shortcut to paste in Windows command prompt

Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste in the Windows command prompt (or at least powershell)?

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Guest [Entry]

"Finally in Windows 10:

Unfortunately Microsoft resists to add SHIFT+INSERT (("
Guest [Entry]

"Checkout this Stackoverflow article. They provide an AutoHotKey script. If you aren't familiar with AutoHotKey you should be. It is a free application that allows you to automate a ton of things on Windows. I use it for a number of tasks. You can even compile the scripts and then just run the executable. Great for distribution to less tech savvy folks or for running off a thumb drive for portability.
They also mention this:

ALT+SPACE+E+K <-- for copy
ALT+SPACE+E+P <-- for paste"
Guest [Entry]

"Closed on stackoverflow, but AutoHotKey works perfectly:

; Paste into CMD window using CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT
WinGetClass, sClass, A
If (sClass = ""ConsoleWindowClass"")
send {alt down}{space}{alt up}ep