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Linux home machine

Linux home machine

I am looking for a good tutorial, or multiple tutorials, that can help me get more familiar with linux. I am not even what distro to use. I am not looking to use it as my desktop though. More like a file server.

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"When in doubt, Ubuntu is a good choice

You could use the Ubuntu Server Edition too
Commandline connectivity would good be over SSH.
A new Ubuntu edition is about to be released (9.10, Karmic Koala)
But, if you start soon I'd suggest you start with the Jaunty 9.04.
You may want to read up the time based releases page for Ubuntu.
Consider a multi-partition setup
where your files are organized in a secondary partition
This will let you change/upgrade your OS more easily."
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"I use opensuse for basically that. Its actually a webserver, but i run remote apps and store files, and host a website off it. Any distro will work for this, its really a matter of what apps you need to run.
On windows i use Xming, WinSCP, and putty to connect to the box. Xming allows you to run the linux X interface on windows, below is a screenshot of dolphin, runnin in Xming
You should know what putty is. and WinSCP is a file manager that allows you to drag and drop files across the computers, as well as some file menu commands like touch, grep and such, and has a command line (very limited built in)
All work via SSH, winSCP can work as ftp and scp as well.

Screenshot of dolphin running in Xming:"