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Pin "View Local Services" to Windows 7 Taskbar?

Pin "View Local Services" to Windows 7 Taskbar?

I have to view the Windows services often and would like to pin the "View Local Services" to the Windows 7 taskbar somehow. It doesn't work when I try to drag it from the start menu, nor can I drag a shortcut to it.

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Right-Click the Services icon under Start Menu->Administrative Tools, and select Pin to Taskbar from the dropdown menu."
Guest [Entry]

"This was different on my machine, which is Windows 8.1 Pro. Here's what I had to do to enable Administrative Tools to be shown in the metro Apps screen (as well as in the Windows search results):

Go to the Start screen
Open the Charms bar (WinKey + C is one way)
Go to Settings -> Tiles
Enable ""Show Administrative Tools"""