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RDC to Vista without logging out current user

RDC to Vista without logging out current user

At home, I have a desktop with Windows Vista Home Premium. I share it with one more person. While this other person is logged on and working on something, I am able to connect, from my laptop, with RDC to desktop and we are both logged on desktop working at the same time.

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Guest [Entry]

"The feature that you are referring to is only available on the Server
versions of Windows. That feature is not available in Vista (a client version), unless one were to resort to 'hacking' it in.

The following article supposedly shows how this is done:
How to enable multiple remote desktop sessions on XP or Vista

Some words of caution:

Create a system restore point before
starting, to which you can go back
if it doesn't work.
This hack involves downloading and installing hacked system files, which is always risky."
Guest [Entry]

"You're probably using Remote Assistance at home. Since it's a help desk service, it has 2 main differences from Remote Desktop Connection:

Local user must confirm incoming connection
Local user shares screen with connected user

What is the difference between Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Remote Assistance?"