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Remote screen control

Remote screen control

At my house we have a 42" LCD connected to a media PC running Vista and use it for things like streaming video & music, playing games, etc. We control the media PC with a wireless mouse & keyboard which is pretty sweet.

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"Take a look at Synergy.

Synergy is Free and Open Source Software that lets you easily share
your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers, where each
computer has its own display. No special hardware is required, all you
need is a local area network. Synergy is supported on Windows, Mac OS
X and Linux. Redirecting the mouse and keyboard is as simple as moving
the mouse off the edge of your screen."
Guest [Entry]

"MaxiVista can do this easily, simply using the network connection:

MaxiVista Mirror Pro can mirror the
screen of one PC and send it to
another computer across a standard
Ethernet or Wireless network

MaxiVista is shareware so you can try the demo before considering a purchase. The mirror feature itself is not included in the demo, but you can try out extended screen which will give you a good idea of how mirror mode will preform."