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Shorter shortcuts for explorer context menu entries?

Shorter shortcuts for explorer context menu entries?

As I understand it, in order to select an entry in the context menu in windows explorer, you have to select the file, press shift + F10 to open the context menu, press the underlined shortcut, and then press enter.

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"Then Autohotkey is your new best friend. You program whatever hot key you like to do/launch whatever command or program you require. For example '#z::Run www.autohotkey.com' means when you press the windows key and Z together, it will run autohotkey's website.
IfWinExist Untitled - Notepad
Run Notepad

means when you press CTRL+ALT+N it checks to see if you already have an unsaved/new notepad window open and brings it to the foreground. If you do not have one already open the key presses will open a new notepad window for you.

It has a very shallow learning curve with alot of good tutorials and examples to follow.

N I don't work for them :) but I do love the product, and I hope it helps you as much as it did me!"