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What should children learn with/about computers in grades 1-8? [closed]

What should children learn with/about computers in grades 1-8? [closed]

I am on my child's school's education technology committee, and it's out job to make recommendations to the school. They have some things set up, like a web site, email addresses for all the teachers, computers in the school, smart boards in some of the classrooms, etc.

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"I would recommend basic word processing and spreadsheets and the like starting in third or fourth grade. Before that, typing skills and some learning games, especially ones with problem solving and hand-eye coordination, are the main things needed. At around sixth grade I'd start with networks and interconnections. Throw email in there just about anywhere once they have decent writing skills (fourth or fifth?). If you can get them pen pals (or email pals) across the country or world, that could be a real eye opener for young kids, and make them more open to the world.

Just my thoughts, I may be way off base."
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Simple programming, perhaps Python? Not for everybody, but the earlier you learn the concepts, the happier you'll be with your PC :)
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"They should make the stuff they are teaching fun for the kids. I would have the kids expanding their curiosity.
Give them lists of sites with open source applications and let them install the applications and see what the applications do, play with them.
Get them to play lan games against each other that you can script, then give them a script which for example gives ammo or replenish life in the game a limited times or with a limited amount. Let the little hacker come out of them this way. Tell them they could make the script better and give documentation for the scripting language, explain the scripting language.
Let them play with multiple operating systems which are nicely configured to be eye-candy. Think of ubuntu with gnome and that 3d stuff. Or windows xp with the alienware themes."
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"When I was in school (I'm a second year cse major in college now), we weren't taught anything related to computers except how to type. From my experience, people (of all ages) are not going to learn how to do anything with a computer, except through using one.

So I think the best solution is to give assignments which require students to use computers (essays, presentations, etc) and provide the facilities for those who don't have access to computers or the necessary software. The teachers can then give demonstrations and assist students who need help. But asking elementary school students to do such assignments seems a little extreme, although middle school might be a good place to start.

I don't think kids need to be taught how to use computers. However, students should definitely be taught how to type at a young age, but other computer skills will be picked up as time goes on."