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Where is the fuse located at?

Where is the fuse located at?

Hello have a kenmore pro microwave hood combination model # 790.89393510. Wondering where is the fuse located at? Thanks

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Here’s a link to the parts list for your oven. Download the list and then scroll down to find an exploded view of all the parts and part numbers

The fuse -example only (Item #24, part #5304488359)appears to be mounted on the right side air guide duct (Item #44).

Here’s an image taken from the list manual that show where. The fuse is indicated by green arrow and the air guide duct is in red.

(Click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help."
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"Hi @ Bill Smith,

The fuse is part #34 found in the top left of this parts diagram for your model microwave.

Scroll down the parts list to find the part number which will tell you the cost of the part"