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WiFi setting of iPod touch is cleared

WiFi setting of iPod touch is cleared

At home, I connect my iPod touch to the internet using wi-fi, but often the settings reset themselves back to their defaults.

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Guest [Entry]

"This post on the Apple discussion board provides a solution:

I have had my 2nd Gen ipod touch
(32Gig). I set it up on my wireless
network which does not broadcast its
SSID and is 128 bit WEP (yeh yeh I
know weak) encrypted. This makes for
quite a daunting task when forced to
type in the WEP key every time the
ipod 'forgets' this access points

However I did discover what seems like
a quick work-around. I entered the
SSID, chose WEP, and for the pass i
just entered a bunch of random chars.
It said wrong password then connected
up to my network fine with the old
profile that it appeared to have lost.
Not sure if just entering the SSID
brought it back to life or not, but
it's better than having to manually
enter those huge encryption keys.

See also this blog post which points to the message board post above: Tips: Fix iPhone/iPod touch Losing Wi-Fi Settings"