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iPod only shows power adapter being plugged in to wall outlet?

iPod only shows power adapter being plugged in to wall outlet?

My iPod will not do any thing, when charge/sync cord is hooked up it will only show a power adapter being plugged into a wall outlet. I cannot get the click wheel to do anything, and when plugged into my PC it does not recognize that I have it hooked up. I have tried changing cords but still no luck. any sugesstions

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"Icon of Power adapter plugging into wall icon:

This icon appears on the screen during an update or restore that occurs when iPod is connected to the computer via a low or no-power connector. This can include some USB ports and 4-pin FireWire ports. When this appears, disconnect iPod from the computer and connect it to the power adapter. Then plug the power adapter into a power outlet. The update or restore will complete and iPod will restart to the main menu."
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"Have you tried plugging it into the wall? If so, did you use a FireWire adapter? I believe the 4th generation sometimes required a FireWire charge to get it going after a period of unuse.

If you do not have a firewire charger, you could take it to the Apple store; the Genius bar still has a couple of FireWire chargers for just such emergencies."
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I had the same problem today. The iPod Mini 1st gen I ve just bought was stuck at the same step of the update. Even plugged in an 5 Volts USB wall charger, nothing happened...

The reason of this is that the old iPod wall charger delivered 12 Volts by Firewire and not 5 !

In fact, at this step of the update, my iPod wanted to receive 12 Volts and not 5. Without having such a power supply, I had to modify the original 30-pin dock to send 12 Volts in the right pins !

Now my iPod is fixed :) http://i58.tinypic.com/28srp07.jpg

Hope this helps all you guys fix your ipods.

(English is not my mother language so be kind :) )"
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if you are stuck after a restore and the ipod only shows ""plugin wall"" icon.

you need a standart USB wall charger but with a high Amperage (NOT VOLTAGE, voltage is 5v standard), probably 1A or even 2A . (original chargers had that high amp raatings too)

either USB or firewire cable would work. (most wall chargers are below 1amp)

ipod 4th gen 20gb

(upgraded to 1TB and Rockbox firmware)"