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iPod only shows power adapter being plugged in to wall outlet?

iPod only shows power adapter being plugged in to wall outlet?
My iPod will not do any thing, when charge/sync cord is hooked up it will only show a power adapter being plugged into a wall outlet. I cannot get the click wheel to do anything, and when plugged into my PC it does not recognize that I have it hooked up. I have tried changing cords but still no luck. any sugesstions


The older iPods required that they be disconnected from the USB port and plugged into an external power adapter i.e. wall charger. Once plugged into that it would perform the final step of the either restore or update. Just had to do the same last night with my old iPod. I've used either, a USB wall charger and an external firewire wall charger and it worked well with both. After this step the iPod was again recognized by iTunes. So I do not think that it is a cable or Firewire issue. The iPod 3rd generation is the one that truly needs firwire to be charged.
"Hi there,

I had the same problem with my ipod classic 40 GB. The plug in wall charger icon come on and i left in plugged in wall socket for 2 days nothing happened.


Take a power bank fully charged. Take your ipod and plug in your USB cable in your power bank it will fix your ipod instantly. Cheers.

Hope this helps all you guys fix your ipods."
Icon of Power adapter plugging into wall icon:
Have you tried plugging it into the wall? If so, did you use a FireWire adapter? I believe the 4th generation sometimes required a FireWire charge to get it going after a period of unuse.

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