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iPod white screen after repair the screen.

iPod white screen after repair the screen.

Hey Guys...

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bert [Entry]

"While holding the home button down and volume up button, push and hold the power off button and hold that until you see the apple sign.

If the iPod will not turn off, try to reset it. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or battery symbol appears. If the battery symbol appears, continue to charge iPod touch until it is fully charged.

That failing doa restore, here's how:

bert [Entry]

"I wanted to ask an answer, then post an answer, but, don't think I can do that so...

After you remove your old screen look on the tip of the thin video cable and you will see what looks like a little aluminum/mesh cushion pad. Some manufacturers are shipping replacement screens without this pad and without it you will get a white screen.

Carefully use an Exacto to scrape the old one off, try to get as much adhesive as you can when your working and note the orientation and which side the adhesive is on. Place the cushion on your new screen and hook it up.

I got a dozen screens in from a manufacturer and was scratching my noggin thinking why is the old screen working and all the new ones white when I discovered this little nugget. :)


@phil, here is a photo to clarify.


I had the same issue last night, thomas. I did run into one bad screen, but, finally, I hooked up the original and got the video back then disconnected and added another screen. It was white, but, after doing the Home/Power combo a couple of times it came on. Something to consider. And check on the board to make sure you haven't bent or torn off one of those tiny pins on the video connector -- I worked one once and accidentally broke one off, ugh, had to use a 20x loupe to notice it.

I try to keep a couple of those cracked, but working screens around to double check that it isn't an issue with the replacement.



Just a note, I've been ordering replacement screens from a wholesaler and have had lots of issues. I've got 4 sitting on the shelf that I tested and all have a white screen.

I can use an old screen and no problem, switch to the new screen from the wholesaler and get stuck on the white screen...even after several resets, powering down etc.

I plan on calling them tomorrow, dunno if it makes a difference, but in this photo you'll see on on the left is the connector for the new screen which leaves me with a white screen and the right a connector from an old screen which works fine. You could be having the same issue."
bert [Entry]

"I had this problem a long time ago and never found an answer that worked for me...I just had an iPod Touch 4G last week do this after an LCD change, and I fixed it. I had another one do it today, and was able to confirm a fix

Here is what I did:

1)while PLUGGED INTO COMPUTER, hit power/sleep to blacken screen (if it is already black, toggle through white screen and then back to black)

2)press home button in and hold, immediately press in power/sleep and hold

3)hold until Apple logo appears, release"
bert [Entry]

"I would agree with all the solitions above. Always try the reset , re-seating lcd connector options first.... And of course if you swap the screen and a new one works then of course you know the first screen was faulty.

IF ALL of those things fail and you know the screen itself is not faulty then one thing that worked for me was:

Using a magnifer (20x binocular if possible) look at the area to the right of the lcd connector on the mother board - with the lcd itself disconnected. There should be a row of tiny components in a vertical line between the right hand side of the connector and the ambient light sensor (the one with the foam sponge around it). The 2nd component up should be a little black resistor. I had accidentally knocked mine off whilst prying up the lcd connector.

I bridged that missing resistor by applying some solder across the 2 pads and when then lcd was re-connected the white screen was fixed. That was a year ago & the ipod has worked fine since. Ideally you would get a resistor the same size & resistance , but I didnt have access to smd reworking-type equipment. So far so good!

You definitely need that magnifier-preferably stand mounted so you have 2 hands free to do the soldering underneath."
bert [Entry]

Ok white screen explained. Ipods are like little computers with a simple graphics card hooked to a display. If you disconnect this display and put a different display on while the device is not powered off you get a white screen and yes you may have turned the device off but that power button is very easy to bump while doing this repair. So just like any computer each screen has to be calibrated for your computer and so does an ipod screen. Ipods do this calibration durring power on test. So the trick in fixing the white screen is to get the ipod to power off and back on. The button holding instructions for a hard reset will work if you can time them right but as long as no password is set on the device just open itunes with the device connected and tell itunes to backup the device. Then when the backup is finished tell itunes to restore the device from the backup you just made. Itunes does a hard reset after the restore to finalize your setting changes. So if you have a password on a broken screen ipod go into settings and remove it till your done working on the device and it makes white screens very easy to fix. Also white screen can happen when to much pressure is applied to a screen and the wires are broke inside so dont push or bend the screen because that version of white screen is not fixable.
bert [Entry]


you know whats funny. I just figured out ( last night , i was up all night working on ipod touch 4's) how this is done.

1 thing is for certain. most every white screen that appears to be ruined. is actually good.

the other thing - if the white screen effect is not solid but instead has streaks or partially covered reddish lines. That is a bad screen. it's the screens male end or the mother boards female side. the pins are crossing from being bent or broken off or whatever. or it could be the ribbon jacked. sometimes you can straighten the pins back out and get it to work but i do NOT want to get into that because it's so hard it just !@#$%^ me off to think about it, I will tell you this though, you will need a huge lighted magnifying glass to do it and good freaking luck. moral of that story is do not push that plug to hard. LOL

your white screen problems are not from a bad screen, your white screen problems are from the gpu getting shut off and on at the wrong times or super fast or when ever it just doesn't like what your doing. this can happen at anytime during the fix. It;s really easy to bump when all this apart, it's due to the charge in the battery and just bumping any little thing can send a signal to the ipod accidentally.

Bulk sellers are not trashing your returns, they just sell them again. no joke. if it looks fine, no cracks or scratches, they will just sell it again. you might get a new one, you might get the same one back. and guess what happens when you get it? it works.

Some of you guys are not being honest. you say that you think your screen is a bad one and ""help me I want a fix for this"" and blah blah blah. but what you really mean is you got it to work but then later when you were trying to get everything right, it quit working and went a white screen and now you can't get it back on like it was before. I think that's because no one wants to admit they jacked it up.

well you did jack it up but it's fixable. That hold the volume button thing hasn't worked for me reliably. it does sometimes but I believe it's because at some point while doing that the machine just gets too may commands at one time and shorts it self out for a second. POOF there lies the fix. If you have tried to do it that way and it doesn't work you can just short it out yourself for a second. take the metal center piece back out. see by the home button controls Pos and neg and there is a another on the middle of those two 9 can't remember what that says at the moment.

use something metal, a short piece of copper wire with a another short piece of copper wire wrapped in the middle is perfect. you want to make a 3 way connection for just a moment.

you want to touch the center of the home button, the sliver metal around the bottom of the home button ( frame piece with the goo in it. and the POS terminal for just a second. now plug your white screen failure back in and poof. it is perfect.

I came to this conclusion after a few tests and one of the ipods I was working on that was doing this was set aside because I was so frustrated with it. I left it set for so long the battery ran all the way out. it worked when i recharged it and and plugged the same screen back in. also powered several cracked screens.

so wha laaa. if you do not believe me then i would like to buy all your white screen failures please./ LOL I will give you 3 bucks each for them. LOL

Man, that would be great, Id have a pile of them and never have to order another, I'll be rich!

PS. I am not some kid that thinks he knows everything. LOL I am a Monster 45 year old hairy man with fingers way too big to be messing with these tiny little screws. I normally just deal in car audio( KICKER ) but I got into doing this because I was getting a lot of customers with broken ipods that they were using to push signals to their head units.

when you are dealing with amps and signal processors and huge car audio systems the cardinal rule is disconnect the battery when working on the system. the power is WAY hi in the audio systems so when something like this thing with the ipod happens it FRYS STUFF. I mean it will Blow stuff up, ruin thousands of dollars worth of electronics or even burn your car to the ground.

so it;s kind of cool the electrical systems in these are only very small and all you have to do it is this fix to make it all work again.

Ta Daaaah !"