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My iPod is disabled and in airplane mode

My iPod is disabled and in airplane mode

I have not synced anything to icloud or itunes,and it says disabled connect to itunes and shows airplane mode ,I entered wrong password too many times

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bert [Entry]

My IPod is Disabled for the airplane mode how to fix it
bert [Entry]

"Hi, If you are still looking for an answer, Heres wht you need to do.

1, connect your ipod to a computer with itunes

2, Hold the home button and power/lock button untill you get a screen that has ""itunes"" on it with a usb. do not slide to power off.

If you can back up your data, do it

4.Click the device on Itunes and click ""Restore Ipod""

5. Click ""Update and restore""

It will update to IOS 3.1.3 then restore your ipod.

I dont think there is a way to do this without restoring the data

hope this helps"