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What is the right type of MOV converter capacitor as it blowed up?

What is the right type of MOV converter capacitor as it blowed up?

I bought Keurig K- Elite from Costco and took back to Singapore. The converter capacitor/ varistor blowed up with mistakenly plugging 220v directly.

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bert [Entry]


I couldn’t find any information about your coffee maker and I’m not a circuit designer but I think that this MOV -example only would suffice.

It has an AC cutoff rating of 150VAC which is about 20% higher (which is usually what is specified for MOVs) than the supply voltage of 120VAC. It also has a current rating of 25A so if it does operate to suppress any surges it will be able to handle enough current for a short while anyway before it fails. Your machine only uses 15A but I thought that getting a MOV with a current value of 15A was cutting it a bit fine and the next value is 25A.

Unfortunately I cannot find a supplier that supplies less than 5 pieces. You may have better luck. Alternatively go to your local electronics parts store (or electrical parts store) and ask for a MOV that has the specifications of 150VAC, 200VDC and 25A and that will fit on the board.

Also be aware that there may be more problems with your coffee maker. Hopefully the MOV did its’ job and operated before any damage was done to the other components on the board and not after.

I guess that you will find out."