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Why is my battery not charging?

Why is my battery not charging?

I just tried charging my phone in the wall outlet and nothing is happening. I've never had this problem before, what could be the issue?

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bert [Entry]

My charger is good its working on other mobiles but not working on my mbile
bert [Entry]

"I just had this problem with a Huawei Y536-A1. An ATT no contract phone. That I want to use for Android programming only, so haven't installed the SIM yet. Only about $45 at Walmart, it's the same size as Apple 5, about 4.5 inches!. They may not have them anymore (I got it Aug 2015, what a deal !.)

It would not charge using a desktop USB port and mini-USB cord that works with other phones.

But the computer did recognize when it was plugged in, and enumerated it, with a beep, and showed the files in the phone memory.

So I pried off the back, starting at the USB jack end, and removed the battery for 10 secs, then put it back and replaced the back.

Now it wouldn't power up with its ON button. So I plugged it into the same USB mini cord again.

This time, it powered up and showed a large battery symbol, and it was charging OK.

So I guess a hardware or software charging control got stuck.

I've had similar charging issues with lots of portable mini-USB devices like my Apple 5. It's often a bad driver in the desktop I guess. I have to re-plug my Apple 5 cord more than once sometimes to get the Apple driver to start charging !

Also- NOTE - you have to plug the USB cord into the computer USB port in one push, once it's centered and sliding in, not slowly, (assuming the other end is already in the phone- be easy on this small connector, go slow.).

This surge of current when the phone is plugged in fast, to the desktop USB port, triggers the USB port to enumerate it.

Sometimes slowly plugging it in does not allow the computer to recognize or charge it ! Believe it or not ! ... an engineer."
bert [Entry]

"Hi friends

these maybe three factor;

1. Phone USB connector and Power charger USB connector;

2. Power IC on motherboard.

3. the phone battery issue.

you can check it step by step.


bert [Entry]

After a while charges become worn out from bending so much that the inner insulation breaks and the wires short this causes damage to the battery and seems to match your symptoms I say replace that cord.
bert [Entry]

"1. How long have you've had the phone ?

2. Case To Case Basis ... how you charge it.

3. Yes it's Lithium Ion Battery and usually in this case you can charge it anytime low bat full bat.

However, sometimes when you are charging from Point of Connection to the Charging Circuitry to the Battery. Could be a Flex issue or connection issue inside that's if it's a built in battery. However in this case

seems like the battery has taken it's toll or you just got a lemon. Usually Lithium Ion batteries last 3 years. I have a Lithium Ion battery that lasted me from 2010 - 2017 and it's still charging and working. So

depends on how it's charged. I don't know the history of your charging cycle . Best to give more detailed information. When it was working to the point when it stopped working. Thanks

Answer: Replace Battery to isolate the issue."