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Unable to restore iPod, tried multiple HDD's

Unable to restore iPod, tried multiple HDD's
My 1st Gen iPod is having trouble restoring via iTunes. I have tried different Firewire cables, HDD’s and even multiple computers trying to figure something out. I needed to replace the original 5GB HDD since it was dying out (rattly noises from loose parts in the drive). However both of the new drives despite being detected by Disk Utility (DU) and iTunes, kept spitting out an error 1429 from the iPod. When in DU, the drive shows up correctly reporting the capacity of the drive, and is titled Apple iPod Media (Uninitialized). A message would appear urging me to Initialize the drive however clicking initialize does not do anything. Attempting to Partition the drive or reformat would just lead to disk utility “waiting for partitions to activate” for an infinite amount of time.


"@lookae that ""consistent clicking sound can be heard."" is your read write actuator. You would first have to make sure that you do not have a bunch of bad drives. There are adapters for the HDD to USB that you could use to check the drives outside of the iPod. Something like this amazon/Converter-Adapter... would work. You may also need to reinstall the firmware. You can get old versions on here davewigstone/downloads/a...

Last but not least you will need a version of iTunes that supports the 1st gen.

Of course, you are using Firewire connections. Right?"

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