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Goodbye in Bisaya/Cebuano?


What is Goodbye in bisaya/cebuano?

Goodbye in Bisaya-Cebuano


Goodbye” is translated in Bisaya/Cebuano as “Babai” o “Bai“.  Pronounced as “bye”.

You can also say “Goodbye” in Bisaya thru the following variations:

  • “Adto sa ko.” (Ahd-tuh sah kuh)
  • “Ari sa ko.” (Ah-rih sah kuh)
  • “Mulakaw sa ko.” (Muh-lah-kaw sah kuh)

Examples of saying “Goodbye” (Bai) in daily conversations with your lover or sweetheart:

  • Goodbye my love! – “Bai, akong palangga!” (Bai ah-kung pa-lahng-gah)
  • Goodbye honey – “Bai honey.”
  • Goodbye sweetie – “Bai sweetie.”
  • Goodbye cutiepie – “Bai cutiepie.”

Examples of saying “Goodbye” in Bisaya/Cebuano with your male friends:

  • Bye friends! or Bye comrades – “Mu-adto sa ko mga pre” (Muh-ad-tuh sah kuh ma-nga preh.)
  • Bye lad! – “Adto sa ko bai” (Ad-tuh sah kuh bai.)
  • Bye John! – “Ari sa ko John!” (Ah-rih sah ko John)
  • Bye male friend – “Bai migo” (Bai mih-guh)

Examples of saying “Goodbye” in Bisaya/Cebuano with your female friends:

  • Goodbye ladies – “Adto sa ko mga inday” (Ad-tu sah kuh mga in-dai)
  • Bye female friend – “Bai miga” (Bai mih-gah)

Example sentences using “Goodbye” in Bisaya/Cebuano translation:

  • Goodbye hon. I’ll be back soon. – “Bai hon. Mubalik dayon ko.”
  • Goodbye hon. I’ll be missing you a lot. – “Bai hon. Mingawon kaayo ko nimo.”
  • Bye hon. I’ll bring you your favorite pizza. – “Bai hon. Dal-an ka nako ug paborito nimo nga pizza.”
  • Goodbye Mommy. Don’t forget my monthly allowance. – “Bai ma. Ayaw kalimti akong allowance kada bulan.”
  • Goodbye, Dad. Please buy me a toy. – “Bai pa. Palite ko ug duwaan.”
  • Goodbye son. I’ll buy you a toy. – “Bai nak. Palitan ka nako ug duwaan.”
  • Goodbye good friend. – “Bai buutan nga amigo.”
  • Goodbye Grandpa. You’re the best grandpa in the whole world. – “Bai lo. Ikaw ang pinaka-da-best LOLO sa tibook kalibutan.”
  • Goodbye Grandma. You’re the best grandma in the whole world. – “Bai la. Ikaw ang pinaka-da-best LOLA sa tibook kalibutan.”
  • Goodbye to you my trusted friend. – “Bai nimo akong sinaligang amigo.”
Do you have any English term or sentence that you want us to translate into Bisaya-Cebuano language? Tell us in the comment below.

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