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Can I renew or re-activate my closed bank account in BDO?

This scenario may apply to you: You may have an old BDO account (ATM or Passbook account) which didn't maintain the required minimum maintaining balance, then it got closed. You may ask if you could renew or reactivate that closed account. Does Banco de Oro (BDO) allow renewal or reactivation of closed accounts?
renew close bank account in BDO


As general information, please be informed that if the account is already closed in BDO, it can no longer be reactivated.  You have to open another account, where you will be given a new account number.
In opening a new account, here are some of our guides that you may find useful:
Since it's a new account application, you must bring the needed requirements during the application. Requirements are listed on the given articles/guides above. Read them if you want to know more about new account application.


  • To avoid account closure of your BDO account, you must transact (either deposit or withdraw) at least two times a year on your account and maintain the required maintaining balance. Inactive or dormant BDO accounts for two years will be charged a penalty or worst, BDO may closed those accounts.
  • To conveniently monitor your BDO account anytime and anywhere, it's recommended to enroll your account to BDO's online banking facility. This article may help you: "How to Apply for BDO Online Banking?"
  • It's better to maintain the required minimum maintaining balance (and earn interest) than paying the penalty of falling below maintaining balance.
Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to post them in the comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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Rhea A. Hernandez   (08 August 2020 7:44 PM) [Entry]

Can I authorize someone to set up a savings account for me?

Arviel Dimaculangan   (29 June 2020 3:46 PM) [Entry]

Pede Po b mag tanong.. my friend accidentally send money to my dormant account in bdo... Ano Po ba pede Kong gawin... Pa advice Naman po

Gina mariz Catli   (25 November 2018 11:06 AM) [Entry]

If nblocked b ung atm ko,ok lng bng hindi mreplace agad kasi nasa abroad po ako at pinagamit ko yung atm ko s kapatid ko,my online banking nmn po aq.slamat

stupid   (03 October 2018 9:24 AM) [Entry]

stupid fucking admin(s) useless information and definitely doesn't "find ways"

ABNER   (20 September 2018 9:44 AM) [Entry]

Hello Good day.. i ask my friend to send money thru bdo account to my sister in philippines but unfortunately the account are closed.The account we used is Emirates NBD here in Dubai.How can we retrieve the Money or it is possible to remit the money thru bdo remittance center.??thanks

Andrei   (02 June 2018 7:20 AM) [Entry]

I have the same problem my father send me money to my ATM that we didn't know it was closed. How can we retrieved it is to tru BDO or the Kabayan remittance?

dave   (22 April 2018 12:51 PM) [Entry]

I deposit money last November 2017 hindi ko lang alam na expired na pala yung kabayan savings ko last September 2017

1. What should I do to retrieved my money?
2. Pwede ko pa bang ma withdraw ang pera ko pag uwi sa pinas using my passbook? kasi nan dito pa ako sa Saudi.
3. Pumasok ba yung pera na pinadala ko sa expired account?

Please send me some advice BDO..

cajee   (09 April 2018 12:49 PM) [Entry]

paano po kaka alis ko lang po ng amount sa account ko lalagayan ko nman po agad. naka lagay sa mobile banking ko ay.. this account is inactive... kunglalagyan ko sya nglaman.. magiging ok na poba?

Charmaine   (18 March 2018 9:12 PM) [Entry]

I accidentally deposit money into my closed cash card account, What should I do to retrieved my money?

dianne m catubay   (02 December 2017 11:00 AM) [Entry]

My debit account was inactive in bdo app, is there any chance to reactivate it?

NORHANIE C. TOmanong   (30 October 2017 8:53 AM) [Entry]

ANu po dapat gawin na ung account ko po UNAUTHORIZED ACCOUNT tapos nag deposit po ung pinsan ko sa dammam.pwedi pa po ba ipa reactivate?

Alan Simmons   (05 September 2017 10:27 AM) [Entry]

My fiance opened an account. I gave advice to take the account to a zero balance and pay the 300 peso fee, because we were both broke. It was a saving ATM account in Cagayan De Oro. When he went back to add funds, the account was deactivated and blocked. Is there any way to open a new account and counsel is on what the minimum rules are? Seems unfair to penalize for lack of understanding. Even Jesus knows nobody is perfect. We are ministers and thought we were doing right to pay the penalty and refund the account. I don't understand why it was closed. His name is PAULO YARRA EVANGELISTA. can I please ask grace to unblock and allow a new account with someone to explain these rules? I plan to bring an account there in May as well for a sizable amount, but would choose another banking situation if not allowed a first mistake. Thank you. Sincerely, Pastor L. Alan Simmons

Jelyn T. Cañal   (28 July 2017 3:27 PM) [Entry]

Hello po ask lng po ako if pwede pa ma hulogan kabayan atm ko by august?kasi sa ugust din cxa mag 1 year?

Khristine   (08 July 2017 7:10 AM) [Entry]

Sa atm BPI international magkano ang maintaining balance?

Summer   (23 May 2017 9:31 AM) [Entry]

I just want to know if my account is still active?
Because i didnt use it almost a year and it doesnt have balance.

Kurt   (12 May 2017 1:19 AM) [Entry]

While opening my savings account via the BDO app, it says account is inactive. It had 0 balance for 1-2 weeks. Can I still deposit on that account? Please reply.

Marichu M. Miranda   (03 May 2017 11:46 PM) [Entry]

Kakapa block ko lang po ng ATM ko para po mapalitan ng panibagong card sa kadahilanang inakala ko po na nawala po ito ngunit nung paguwi ko po s Bahay nakita na po eto ng aking asawa. Magagawa ko pa po bang ipa-activate muli ang aking card..

janis   (09 April 2017 8:34 PM) [Entry]

I used to have a kabayan savings account. It has been years since I last used it. Does it expire? If yes, can I renew?

Fatima Jean Palma   (15 March 2017 5:48 PM) [Entry]

Someone send me a money on my account and soon I found out that it was already a close account. Canneeredeem the money over the counter?..or what is the best thing to do not to lost the money? I really need it..

Julie Ann Aguilar   (02 March 2017 9:25 AM) [Entry]

Hi good day!

I would like to know what will happen to my regular savings account after it has been marked as inactive just recently? Last December 5, 2016, I withdrawed almost everything from my atm because of emergency purposes so it happened that it was already below the maintaining balance. I was not able to make any transactions (deposit/withdraw) after that. But then I tried to deposit an amount just last week however I found it already inactive. I'm aware of the 300pesos charge monthly for the succeeding months it has been below the maintaining balance. The thing is, will my savings account be closed permanently after 3 months (maybe this coming March 5, 2017)? I'm planning to deposit into that account by march 10 though.. What should I do?

P.S.: I'm also wondering how it has been marked as inactive even though it 's not yet been 3 months or a year has passed? And if I want to deposit directly into that "inactive" account from another bank, will it be possible? Will the money deposited? Please help!

Josiemarie estallo   (04 January 2017 10:55 PM) [Entry]

I would like to re activate my account as i missed to deposit my savings from march 2015 and im not sure if i have maintaining balance. i received mail from electronic services that before feb 2017 i need to activate my account.. your assistance on my said problems are highly needed.
Thank u and awaiting for your swift response

Victoria Apostol   (12 December 2016 11:47 PM) [Entry]

Hi, I transfer a small amount of money this 11 dec 16 to my friends acct for their xmas celebration and as a gift. It's just happen that the acct is already close since 31 oct 2016. But before that i still manage to transfer some amount last 15 oct 2016 and he still manage to withdraw it. 12 Dec 2016 my overseas bank confirms that the certain amt already transfer to the acct. How did it happen? I mean. The acct is already close and yet it was recieved the nxt day and credited to my friends acct? Pls do enlighten me as it doesn't make sense at all.

Frances Monis   (29 November 2016 6:17 PM) [Entry]

It's been more than a year without any transaction with my kabayan savings account. Can I renew or reactivate my kabayan savings account even I am here in Saudi Arabia...?

Thank you..

Arby P. Hernandez   (16 November 2016 10:47 AM) [Entry]

I am a seaman may kabayan saving was closed one month ago. And im still on board now. And I want to ask if the money that my company deposited in the bank is still deposited in my account even if its closed? If not, then can I still retrieve my money?

Noi Manlapaz   (26 October 2016 8:36 AM) [Entry]

Hi, I would like to inquire about re activating my BDO savings account. I wasn't able to maintain the required amount for maintaining balance. Will there be a penalty or charge?

Thank you!

Chiela mae Castro   (25 October 2016 5:17 AM) [Entry]

My card has been out of balance last month. But my boyfriend sent money to it. When i tried to balance inquire or withdraw, it says that my transaction is temporarily unavailable.

auralyn   (22 October 2016 1:49 PM) [Entry]

Tanong ko lang po.ginamit ko po account number ay sa pinsan ko.pra makapagopen ako through online.at makapagenroll online banking.kanino po papasok deniposito ko na pera sa account po ba nya o sa akin salamat po

auralyn   (22 October 2016 1:44 PM) [Entry]

Nagamit ko po yon acCount number ng pinsan ko dun po ba papasok yong deposit ko na pera?

auralyn   (22 October 2016 12:45 PM) [Entry]

Hello good afternoon po nag-apply po ako sa online banking ginamit ko account number ay sa pinsan ko para makapg open ako ng account pwede po ba yon?

john   (07 October 2016 8:11 AM) [Entry]

I withdraw all of my savings because of emergency, that was July 30, 2016, after a month, first week of September, September 2, 2016 I checked my account... its already closed, I called the BDO help center and they say they closed an account if, at the end of the month there is a zero balanced on it. What the hell, they did not even bother me to send an email, providing notice that my account will be closed. I have been with BDO for over 8 years, saving hundreds thousand of savings, and just a month of zero balanced they will closed it without notice... shi#**t!! I did not bother anymore to get another BDO account... spreading the words of this shi***T. F8*Ck you BDO.

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