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How long will Metrobank ATM Card expire?

Some people would ask especially those who are new Metrobank accountholders, "how long will Metrobank ATM card expire?". They want to know until when is the atm card usable.
A Metrobank ATM card will expire in ten (10) years. Just like my new Metrobank ATM card in which you can see the expiration date printed at the front of the ATM card:

Metrobank ATM Card expiration

This Metrobank ATM card is valid up to 09/23 or September 2023. So the expiration is on September 2023. I applied for this atm card on the month of September 2013.

2023 minus 2013 equals 10. So 10 years is the expiration of Metrobank ATM card.

If your ATM card has been expired, you should request a renewal of your ATM card to any Metrobank branch.

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jhercel   (17 February 2018 7:18 PM)

Prima Kristine Balucos   (15 January 2018 4:34 PM)
Good evening!
I am Tin. I want to know what are the requirements in replacing my expired ATM card and how long it will take to get a new one.

Thank you in advance.

Jessiebel Rodriguez Acasio   (30 August 2017 7:58 PM)
I am Jessiebel. I forget my pin of my ATM card. So my problem is, how can I withdraw using this ATM Card? I am currently working in Abroad so kindly give me an advice. Thank you.

KARL Gaid   (02 August 2017 10:09 PM)
Good evening to you
I'm Karl Iver Gaid,owner of the metrobank prepaid card
When I apply the card April 2016 that time until now I did not used the card but it has a maintaining balance worth 2,000

The question goes like this
Is my card are still valid?
And will the maintaining balance was still remain in my card?

teresita maneclang   (22 July 2017 2:50 PM)
i want to know if my account already invalid