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Unionbank EON Login Problem! Why Unable to Login?

I was unable to log-in to my Unionbank EON account online in Unionbank's website. I already sent a message thru email to Unionbank Customer Service and to the online banking representative but until now they're not able to respond to my concern. What's wrong with Unionbank EON facility?
Unionbank Login Page Problem or Hack

When you go to Unionbank's official website (http://www.unionbankph.com/), on the homepage, and going to the ACCOUNT LOGIN, you can see different types of accounts where you are going to log-in. There's a Unionbank Account. There's an EON Cyber Account. There's a Business Online, Unionbank Credit Card, Corporate Banking and GSIS E-card.

This is what I've notice to the log-in page for Unionbank's Account (E-wallet) and for Unionbank EON Cyber Account. They're the same (similar).

UnionBank Log-in Page Problem 2

Their URL address are also both the same.
  • https://ebanking.unionbankph.com/personal/AuthenticationController?__START_TRAN_FLAG__=Y&FORMSGROUP_ID__=AuthenticationFG&__EVENT_ID__=LOAD&FG_BUTTONS__=LOAD&ACTION.LOAD=Y&AuthenticationFG.LOGIN_FLAG=1&BANK_ID=01&LANGUAGE_ID=001
  • https://ebanking.unionbankph.com/personal/AuthenticationController?__START_TRAN_FLAG__=Y&FORMSGROUP_ID__=AuthenticationFG&__EVENT_ID__=LOAD&FG_BUTTONS__=LOAD&ACTION.LOAD=Y&AuthenticationFG.LOGIN_FLAG=1&BANK_ID=01&LANGUAGE_ID=001

Before, the log-in page of Unionbank Account is different from EON Cyber Account. What's wrong with Unionbank Eon Cyber Account? I'm still waiting for their response.

Is Unionbank's online banking facility been hacked? I'm a worried with what's really going on with Unionbank lately!

Some Reasons Why EON Online Banking Website Is Not Accessible?
  • Unionbank might be upgrading or developing their EON online banking website. You might notice that Unionbank's main website is changing its design. It is now more professional, fresh and mobile friendly compared to the old website.
  • The technical team might be having difficulty coding the new EON online banking website. There might be some problems or they might be adding new powerful features such as fund transfer to other local banks, buy eload for mobile phones or buy bitcoins for online shopping.
Are you having the same problem? Is your Unionbank account been hacked?

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Total comments : 6
akira   (27 August 2016 10:29 AM)
I am having the same problem, their tech support advised me to take certain steps in changing my password after it has been locked out for having 3 wrong log in attempts, but I still can't log in. They really suck.

Andrew   (26 August 2016 11:13 PM)
They are really revamping their ebanking site. From old version of (Microsoft IIS v6) ASP.NET to Java (OAS 12c). It really is a big revamp (changing platform). Just be patient guys I think this wait will benefit it's customers in the long run.

kishishi   (22 May 2016 1:01 AM)
Totally BS, i thought unionbank online banking is really good. I was WRONG!
wasted effort to get EON but in the end I cant still use this Card due to login problems. which is
necessary for opening Paypal or other online purchases.

Nag BDO nalang sa ako >.<

Jho Estrella   (17 May 2016 11:55 PM)
Yeah. I opened up a new EON account last December and still can;t log in until now. I think I'm going back to BDO.

blaise   (14 April 2016 5:43 PM)
This also happened to me last April 8. I was locked out of my account after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

SweetyPie   (08 April 2016 9:20 PM)
Same problem here, i think its better to change.... any update from you?