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Best Alternative to UnionBank EON Card?

The main problem I have with Unionbank is the accessibility. Unionbank has very few branches across the Philippines compared to other big banks such as BDO, Metrobank, BPI, PNB, etc. In our city, no Unionbank branch has been established. Whenever I want to renew my EON card or deposit to my EON card, I need to travel 1-hour to Ozamis City where there's a Unionbank established. Recently, my Unionbank branch of account didn't go so well. They closed the bank. And now we need to travel 3 hours to go to another Unionbank branch. And that's inconvenient. Another worst thing that happen to me is I cannot log-in to my Unionbank EON account anymore. I'm sending several emails to Unionbank's customer service but no fixes have been made. That's why I'm searching for a better alternative or should I say best alternative to Unionbank EON card. And I found Metrobank ATM debit card.
Best alternative to Unionbank EON Card
Photo snapshot of a real Unionbank EON Card and Metrobank E-Teller ATM Card

The best alternative you should choose is the Metrobank ATM card (with MasterCard logo). You can link Metrobank ATM card to your Paypal account. So, if you are a online freelancer, you can use your Metrobank atm card to receive your salary thru Paypal.

Even without linking your Metrobank ATM debit card to your Paypal account, you can still buy products or services online (such as web hosting services and domain registration services).

You can buy products in Zalora or Lazada Philippines using your Metrobank atm debit card.

Metrobank ATM debit card has many great features if you enroll it to Metrobank's online banking facility. You can access your account online, transfer funds online (anytime, 24 hours a day). You can pay your taxes online. You can pay your bills (phone bills, electricity bills, internet bills, etc.). You can fund your stock trading account to popular online stock brokers in the Philippines. And many more features...

Do you know other better alternative to Unionbank EON card?

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