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What's the Maximum Fund Transfer Amount in BDO Online Banking?

Banco de Oro (BDO) limits the amount of money or funds to be transferred to other people's BDO account if you're using their Send Money to Any BDO Account feature inside their BDO Online Banking facility. Effective March 15, 2017, you can transfer funds or send money to other BDO account of up to Php 50,000 per day. In each transaction, a certain fee of Php 10.00 is charged.
Maximum Fund Transfer in BDO

The Send Money to Any BDO Account is applicable to sending money to unenrolled BDO accounts. Unenrolled BDO accounts are those accounts that you didn't enroll in BDO online banking.

On the other hand, the Fund Transfer (Transfer Money) service feature is applicable to those BDO accounts you enrolled for Fund Transfer. Amount of fund transfer is higher than that of the Send Money to Any BDO Account. Maximum amount of fund transfer per day using Fund Transfer (Transfer Money) service feature is Php 250,000 (for PESO) or USD5,000 (for US Dollar).
Maximum Fund Transfer to Enrolled BDO Account

Why does BDO limit the amount of money to be transferred to other BDO account per day?

This is to minimize risk or to reduce the risk of unauthorized online banking fund transfer per day. If your BDO online banking has been compromised, let's say it has been hacked, the hacker or the person who accesses your online banking account cannot transfer huge amount of money (because it's limited of up to Php 50,000 only) per day.

Do you frequently use BDO's Send Money to Any BDO Account feature? Do you like BDO to remove the Php 10.00 transaction fee?

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Ariel   (11 April 2017 3:52 PM)
My account has a limit of 10,000 php only per day when I sent, how can I change the setting to 50,000 php?