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Where to Open a BDO Bank Account in USA (United States of America)?

Wondering on how and where to open a Banco de Oro (BDO) bank account in United States (USA)? You can open a BDO bank account particularly the BDO Kabayan Savings Account at any of the following BDO Remittance Offices in the US.
Banco de Oro (BDO) USA
The offices are located at the following addresses:
  • BDO Remit (USA) Inc. Office located at 1559 East Amar Road, Suite U, West Covina, California
  • BDO Remit (USA) Inc. Office located at 215 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, California
  • BDO Remit (USA) Inc. Office located at 4830 Mission Street, Suite 101 San Francisco, California

How to Apply for a BDO Kabayan Savings Account?

  • Upon applying for a BDO Kabayan Savings Account, it requires a 1 valid ID with picture and 1 pc 1" x 1" ID picture
  • Php 100 initial deposit for Peso Account or $100 for Dollar Account.
This account comes with ATM and Passbook. It has zero maintaining balance if you transact or deposit (remit) at least once in a year. 
Take note:  If this account has done no transactions in 1 year (12 months), it will be converted automatically into a regular passbook account. Passbook account will require a 10,000-peso maintaining balance. If your account falls below the maintaining balance in two (2) consecutive months, BDO will charge you Php 300.

Other Features

Through your BDO Kabayan Savings Account, you avail these great features such as:
  • Personal Loan
  • Auto Loan
  • Housing Loan
You can also pay your loans and insurance through Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA). It means payments to your loans or payables will be automatically paid from your account.
You can also avail hassle-free viewing (checking) of your account balance online by enrolling your account to BDO's online banking facility. Here's the procedure on how to enroll: "How to Apply for BDO Online Banking?".

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Lloyd A. Lewis   (08 June 2019 9:55 PM)

I live in Seattle, Wa. I would like to open a BDO account since I travel back and forth to see my granddaughter in Cavite. Is there a branch in our area to do so.

Shirley Henry   (26 May 2019 10:21 PM)

Can I open an account through internet? As there is no BDO bank nearby our State. i am located in INDIANA, USA

Ross D Hamamura   (05 October 2018 10:25 AM)

How do I Open, Account in Hawaii, USA

What is the Interest RATE?

I want Account in US$

Going to buy a Rental Home Investment in CEBU

Flora   (19 September 2018 7:35 PM)

Hello, I live in Connecticut, USA and I would like to open an account, I knew there are BDO branches here in the US but not sure where. I hope someone could help me how to so it or if it's possible.


Elvissa Pagulayan   (08 September 2018 8:36 AM)

Please help if my account was active My Account Number 1440035170..Rada Branch Makati.
Thank you so much.

Len   (16 August 2018 3:13 AM)

Hi I would like to open BDO bank account, but I live in Maryland USA.
Do you have BDO branches here in Maryland ? I need to know where I can go an open a BDO

dennis watts   (10 July 2018 10:19 PM)

my wife does business with BDO, As in she has a savings account with them in angeles city Philippines,I am her husband of almost 10years but I am a American, how can I set up a BDO acct in America and be able to access my account while in the Philippines? I have all documents you would need to see concerning marriage and addresses in America and the Philippines,if we bot have accounts with BDO I could easily transfer money from my account into her account instead of using xoom or western union.
thank you I hope you reply soon

Angelique   (18 June 2018 11:25 AM)

Hi i want to open an account im here in virginia is there any branch here that near where i live tgank you

Merlinda   (31 May 2018 5:30 AM)

Hi! I am interested in opening a new account. May I know the address of BDO sanfancisco. What time and day are they open? Documents required to open?
Thanks for your help!

Timothy Holland   (22 April 2018 4:49 PM)

I want to open a bdo account I live in north Dakota but am moving to the Philippines. Would like to have the account set up so I'm prepared in the Philippines

LEONILO V OROCIO   (29 December 2017 0:48 AM)


LEONILO V OROCIO   (28 December 2017 11:47 PM)

I want to talk with somebody to clarify why my account was closed. What's the number to call here in the US. Vty, Leonilo Orocio

Gloria Brigitte Demicais   (27 September 2017 1:35 AM)

I would like to open a BDO account here in Los Angeles Ca.

May i know all the requirements to open a Kabayan Savings account and is there a phone number to call?

Hoping for a reply.

Thank you.

Jesse   (27 September 2017 1:30 AM)

I need the telephone number for BDO San Francisco where I can open an account. Thanks

jennelyne   (25 August 2017 10:15 AM)

how can i open account BDO even though im not in the philippines?im here in the USA?

jennelyne marsh   (25 August 2017 10:13 AM)

im interested to apply a bdo kabayan savings account but im here in montana usa tell what to do and how to apply ?

Marydhel   (02 August 2017 5:50 PM)

Hi! Do you have any branches in hawaii hunolulo?

Adelia maryse Stroud   (12 July 2017 11:12 PM)

Where to open a BDO account here in US do you have a branch here in Orlando Florida? Please I need help.. Thank you! Adelia

Jack Grovier   (02 June 2017 2:18 AM)

Is there other BDO banks anywhere besides california

Astrid Ignacio Vicencio   (26 April 2017 11:53 AM)

I would like to inquire how will I renew my existing BDO debit card that will expired in 2017 , but the thing I open it in Phil silver city Branch for such a long time when I was in Philippines but I left my atm and passbook to my brother as I give him authorized to do withdrawal if I send money to my savings account. I would like to renew my bdo atm here if possible as I cant go back to Phil die to my work.

Lily S. Brand   (16 April 2017 11:19 PM)

How can I open a savings account at BDO here in USA? I live in Florida. Can I use or withdraw the money on that account when I go home in the Philippines?

Thank you.


scott speer   (02 March 2017 11:06 AM)

how can I open up a bdobank from Piggott Arkansas. so I can send money over to a friend in the Philippines.

Jane Gozon   (27 February 2017 10:48 PM)

I live in NJ, Can my brother in the philippines open an account in my behalf? What are the recquirements?

Josefina Sammis   (08 January 2017 3:16 AM)

I want to Apply online BDO .how? I live in California?Thank you.

VICENTE B LASMARIAS   (29 December 2016 1:12 AM)

I live here in Washington state and I would like to open a peso checking account. Can I do this without me going to California, in other words via Internet or online? If so, how long does the process take before I receive my checks. How much are the fees? Thanks for your reply.

Delano Villanueva   (06 October 2016 1:06 AM)

I have an account at BDO Malate branch in front of La Salle. I live in the states, in VA. I regularly transfer funds from my US bank to my BDO account in Malate. I want to transfer funds from my BDO account Malate to my US bank. How may I do that?

Rin   (14 September 2016 4:15 AM)

Kung nandit0 ko sa state at mag papa open ako s friend ko na uuwi dyan sa pilipinas pwedi ba ako mag pa open sa kanya pero pangalan ko ang Naka lagay sa account.

christian salvador   (24 August 2016 9:52 AM)

can i open an account here in los angeles for my social security benefit, cause i will be retiring next year and i plan to stay in the philippines.

madonna   (07 June 2016 1:57 AM)

how can i open account BDO even though im not in the philippines?im here in the USA?

Arlene Barrett   (10 May 2016 4:33 AM)

Hi, I would like to apply for a credit card. Do I need to open an account first? Do you have any branch here in the US that offer a full banking services? Please, can you email me back. Thank you

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