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How to Break the Mental Stronghold of Poverty

How to Break the Mental Stronghold of Poverty
"""Money-making formulas, sowing and reaping scriptures, and financial three-step programs can all be beneficial, but if you have a poverty stronghold ingrained in your mind, you might never reach your heavenly prosperous location. This post is for you if you feel like a poverty mental stronghold is blocking you from reaching your heavenly prosperous location and you want to be freed.

Gary was a Christian who had learned in church that having a lot of ""things"" was not acceptable but that it was excellent to worship and serve God. The ""prosperity message"" was frowned upon. He finally learned, though, that the Christian's inheritance—according to God's Word—was financial wealth, and that we are blessed to be a blessing.

""Beloved, above all else, I wish for you to succeed and enjoy excellent health, just as your soul does."" (3 John 2).

So Gary started putting all the prosperity principles he had studied into practice, but instead of getting out of debt and living an abundant life, he remained in debt and continued to struggle financially. Fortunately, the Lord eventually made the issue clear to him. All of the preceding instruction on why it was improper to pursue riches had turned into a poverty fortress in his mind, keeping him from reaching his position of divine wealth. He received instructions from the Lord on how to use God's Word, a great and tremendous weapon, to overthrow that stronghold.

Isn't my word as burning as a fire? ""Like a hammer that smashes the rock in pieces,"" declares the Lord. (19:29) in Jeremiah?

The Lord gave straightforward instructions. He was instructed to say three verses aloud for four hours each day until they were ingrained in his heart and reality in order to break the mental hold that poverty had over him. This would free him from the shackles of poverty that had been holding back the prosperity that God had intended for him. The three verses on prosperity that the Lord told him to say aloud are as follows:

The young lions lack and go hungry, but those who seek the Lord won't lack anything good. (Psalm 34:10). Since you are aware of our Lord Jesus Christ's grace, which enabled him to become poor for your benefit so that you could become wealthy through his poverty (2 Corinthians 8:9). ""But my God will meet all your needs in accordance with his immeasurable riches in glory through Christ Jesus"" (Philippians 4:19).

Am I saying that in order to break whatever hold that poverty may have over you, you must recite these promises out for four hours every day? No. You decide how much time you spend each day making these prosperity promises. But I will agree that you will see results more quickly the longer you put into it.

I advise beginning with fifteen minutes per day and working up to a half-hour or more. According to Gary, he started noticing changes in his life after three weeks and eventually broke free from the poverty chains that had imprisoned him. He had a realization that God, not his job, the government, or anything else, was the source of his power.

By the way, this three-scripture technique can be used to improve any aspect of your life, be it weight reduction, healing, confidence, freedom from a sinful enslavement, or anything else. All you need to do is locate three verses in the Bible that address your issue.

It's time for you to comprehend God's economic system, which is the key to financial independence where the cost of an item is not a problem since you are loaded, once you realize that you can break free from a poverty mental stronghold. Click the link below for ""Blessed to Be a Blessing.""

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