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How to Type Letter Enye (ñ) in Laptop Keyboard?

If you're an average computer user, you may find it hard to type the letter ñ (enye) in your laptop keyboard. Others find it hard to remember the characters to press in order to create the letter ñ (enye). So, here's a quick guide for you to type that awesome and cute letter enye - ñ.
There are many options to choose.
Option 1
Use Character Map. You can access Character Map by going to Start Menu Button --> enter Character Map on the search field. If the Character Map appears, click on it. The Character Map window will appear. Then find the letter ñ (enye) and click on the letter. Then, select and copy it.
Letter Enye - ñ
Then paste it (by pressing Ctrl + V) wherever you want, for example in a Microsoft Office Word document, Text Document or Notepad, in a web browser, in a website, etc.
Hint: You can also access Character Map by going to Start Menu button --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map.
Option 2
Use Numpad (Numeric Pad). If your laptop keyboard has a Numpad (Numeric Pad), you can create letter enye (ñ) by holding the Alt button while entering number 0241. In short hold Alt + 0241 = ñ. The Numeric Pad is located at the right side of the keyboard.
Type letter enye
To create small letter enye using Numpad:
  • Alt + 0241 = ñ
  • Alt + 164 = ñ
To create big or capital letter enye using Numpad:
  • Alt + 0209 = Ñ
If you your laptop keyboard doesn't have a Numpad, use Character Map stated in Option 1.
Option 3
This is the easiest one. Just copy the letter ñ and paste it wherever you want. Here are some samples of letter ñ (enye) in several font sizes: 
  • ñ
  • ñ
  • ñ
  • Ñ
  • Ñ
  • Ñ
Have fun in creating letter ñ...

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Mark Christopher Danas   (23 April 2017 1:46 PM)
What about if my laptop doesn't have numeric keys what is the other possibli key sir/ma'am ?

Lady Claire Katipunan   (28 December 2016 8:47 AM)
Thank You :)

Lady Claire Katipunan   (28 December 2016 8:46 AM)
Thank You :)

Kurt Justine Silang   (11 November 2016 7:13 PM)
you can use (only for ms word 2010) ctrl+shift+`+n then change case (near the font)

christian   (15 August 2016 9:48 AM)

Geziel Joy Albaladejo   (05 July 2016 9:50 AM)

[email protected]   (28 June 2016 4:56 PM)
Salamat sa inyo