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How to Type Letter Ñ (enye) in Excel?

Typing or creating a letter ñ or Ñ (enye) in microsoft excel is the same with this method.

You can create ñ in three ways. The first and second way uses keyboard shortcuts.

While the third way is the laziest and simplest way.
Type letter enye ñ in excel

To make a small letter ñ (enye) in Excel:
  • Hold Alt key in your keyboard while pressing 164 (Alt + 164 = ñ)

To make a capital letter Ñ (enye) in Excel:
  • Hold Alt key in your keyboard while pressing 165 (alt + 165 = Ñ)

Another way to create a letter ñ in Excel is to copy any of the following enyes (ñ) and paste it anywhere you want:
  • ñ 
  • Ñ
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Are you having any problem making a letter ñ (enye) in excel?

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