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Revised Implementing Guidelines for Skills Exhibition 2012 NATIONAL Technolympics

Revised Implementing Guidelines for Skills Exhibition
2012 NATIONAL Technolympics

I.  Participants

1. The 2012 National Technolympics will showcase marketable products and performances in the different skills acquired by the students in the various specializations of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE). This is open to all high school students enrolled in both public and private high schools and technical vocational high schools all over the Philippines.

2. Official Delegation

The members of the regional delegation to the 2012 National Technolympics are as follows:

2.1 Regional Director/Representative - Head of the Delegation
2.2 Official Students-Participants
2.3 Official TLE/TVE Teacher
2.4 Division Supervisors in TLE
2.5 Regional Supervisor in Charge of TLE and STVE
Official delegates are expected to send Pre-registration at least two weeks before the scheduled event with the following details (Please use attached form)
Total number of Male and Female (Teacher/Supervisor) Delegates with corresponding sizes (for T-shirt)
Total number of Male and Female (Teacher/Supervisor) Delegates with corresponding sizes (for T-shirt)
Date of arrival and departure

II.  Management

1. The 2012 National Technolympics will be managed by a National Technical Working Group (NTWG) composed of the officials from the Bureau of Secondary Education

Chairman - Dr. Lolita M. Andrada
Co-Chairman - Ms. Bella O. Marinas
Dr. Jose D. Tuguinayao Jr.
Dr. Roderick A. Tadeo
Mrs. Helen Flora
Mrs. Emmanuel Valdez
Mrs. Cristeta Arcos
Mr. James Liquigan

2. The possible conduct of Technolympics in the division and regional levels shall be managed by the Division and Regional Supervisors and officials.

III.  Event Guidelines

1. Selection and Elimination of participants

1.1  Lower Levels

1.1.1  The Division Officials will conduct the Division Level Technolympics to determine participants to the Regional Level.

1.1.2  Likewise, the Regional Officials will hold the same activity in their level to select representatives to the 2012 National Technolympics

1.2  National Level

1.2.1  The national winners shall be declared among the competing participants.

List of Skills ExhibitionYear LevelNo. of Participants
Industrial Arts
1. Educational Toy MakingFirst/Second Year2
2. T-shirt Printing and DesigningSecond Year2
3. Steel Balluster MakingThird/Fourth Year1
Home Economics
1. Nail Art with Hand MassageFirst Year1
2. Children's Wear Construction
(casual for girls, 5-6 years old)
Second Year2
3. Hair Style with Facial Make-upThird/Fourth Year1
Agri-Fishery Arts/Home Economics
1. Experimental Fish DishFirst Year1
2. Food PreservationSecond Year1
3. Experimental Cookery (from Dressing to Meal Presentation)Third/Fourth Year1
1. Tarpaulin DesigningSecond Year1
2. Web Page DesigningThird/Fourth Year1

Showcasing of Best Practices

Lecture ForumParticipants
1. Best Practices in CP-TLE: Antique ModelTeachers
2. CP-TLE Projects in School: Munoz National High School ExperienceTeachers
3. Mindanao Experience in STVEP ImplementationTeachers
4. Make-up Session with Fanny Serrano on VideoStudents
5. Marketing Strategies - DTIStudents
6. Product Innovation/Creation - DTIStudents
Demo Exhibition
7. Fruit Carving - Host RegionStudents
8. Pansit Molo Making - Host RegionStudents
9. La Paz Bachoy - Host RegionStudents
10. Product Packaging - DTIStudents

2.  Technolympics Mechanics:

2.1 Eligibility

2.1.1  The 2012 National Technolympics shall be participated in by bonafide students enrolled in the Public _General or Technical Vocational) or Private High Schools during the School Year 2011-2012, duly certified by the school heads.

2.1.2  Likewise, the school principal shall certify that the students are enrolled in the field of specialization where they are competing and participating.

2.1.3  TLE teachers must submit the following:
  • Certification from the principal that the teachers is a bonafide staff of the school being represented
  • Certification from the principal of the teacher's designation as the adviser of the student-participant
2.2  Skills Exhibition

2.2.1  A region shall have one to two participants per event as specified in the event packages.

2.2.2  Participants may only compete in one event

2.2.3 There shall be nine (9) individual and three (3) team (of two members) events.

2.3  Bazaar

2.3.1  All the participating regions are required to display their best products and services or both (on or before the opening program) in the bazaar. However, the region will choose one entry for each product and service to compete for the most enterprising award. Each region shall assign one (1) TLE/TVE student to market their products/services withing the exhibit booth area.

2.3.2  All items in the exhibit area must be offered for sale.

2.3.3 All products/services offered/displayed in the Bazaar are produced/rendered by the TLE and STVE students as attested by the School head.

2.4  Mechanics of Judging - Skills Exhibition

2.4.1  The products and performances of participants in all the events shall be judged by three (3) members of the Board of Judges composed of two (2) experts (practitioner, service provider or professional) from the field and one (1) BSE Specialist.

2.4.2  Judges will use the prepared Score sheets for both products and performances. Points given to each of the contestants shall be added by each of the members of the Jury. The total scores of each participant shall be ranked with the highest total number of points as rank one (1).

2.4.3  The tabulation committee members, who are BSE specialists assisted by ICT teachers from the host school, shall review the computation and ranking made by the judges. The participant with the highest total number of points shall be declared champion.

2.4.4  The final results shall be reviewed by the members of the Board of Judges before affixing their signatures in the summary sheet.

2.4.5  In case of a tie, triple tie or a quadruple tie, the participant who finished first will be declared the champion.

2.4.6  The decision of the Board of Judges is final.

2.5  Mechanics for Judging - Booth Exhibits (Most Enterprising Award)

2.5.1  Entry product and service from each region will be judged based on certain criteria by DTI Representatives.

3.0  Prizes and Awards

3.1  The contestants and the trainers shall be awarded Certificates of Recognition and Participation.

3.2  Trophies/Medals and a Certificate of Merit will be awarded to the first three top placers.

3.3  For purposes of determining the general championship, the rank system shall be followed:

First Place - 1
Second Place - 2
Third Place - 3
Fourth Place - 4
Fifth Place - 5
Sixth Place - 6

3.4  The following Trophies shall be awarded to the Overall Champion, First Runner-up, Second Runner-up and Third Runner-up:

Overall Champion - 24" Trophy
First Runner-Up - 20" Trophy
Second Runner-up - 16" Trophy
Third Runner-up - 12" Trophy
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