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Addiction to Payday Loans Can Cause a Bankruptcy Filing

Addiction to Payday Loans Can Cause a Bankruptcy Filing
"As debt ratios have continued to rise over the past few years, the increasing popularity of payday loans is alarming. The borrowers of these loans are salaried individuals who receive a weekly stipend. The issue with payday loans is that the fees and interest reduce the borrower's take-home pay each week as they spiral into insolvency. I can comprehend using them in an emergency, but that's just the beginning. The problem arises when the following week's rent is due and the paycheck is insufficient, necessitating a loan against the subsequent paycheck in order to make ends meet. This cycle continues until the individual receives virtually no income and owes everything to payday lenders.Prior to filing for bankruptcy, many individuals in financial distress turn to payday lenders in the belief that this will address their temporary financial problem. To fully comprehend the issue with payday loans, one must recognize that they are a pernicious cycle that continues to deteriorate. A payday loan necessitates a substantial amount of interest and fees in exchange for the borrower's promise of future income. If a person earns $500 per week, the payday lender will grant them $400 and deduct the amount from their next paycheck. If a person is scarcely making ends meet and was attempting to avoid declaring bankruptcy, this will certainly push them over the edge.Payday loans are equivalent to obtaining funds from a loan bandit. The interest rates are exorbitant, and once a person enters the cycle, they will fall deeper and deeper into debt. The good news is that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate any outstanding balance on a payday loan. They are nothing more than an unsecured personal loan, even though the borrower vowed to repay the loan with their next paycheck. To break this cycle, the individual should discuss the matter with a bankruptcy attorney. Due to the automatic halt, the payday lender will be unable to contact the individual to collect the debt once the bankruptcy petition has been filed. The automatic stay is so powerful that it will also halt wage garnishments, lawsuits, and foreclosures. If the lender feels the need to communicate with someone, they must contact the bankruptcy attorney on file. At the 341 meeting, they also have the option to contest the debt with the bankruptcy court. The majority of them are aware that this is a waste of time given that the debt is unsecured.As the US economy continues to spiral downward, Americans must be more proactive and take an honest look at their personal financial situation. When a person's credit cards are already maxed out, the last thing they should do is take out a payday loan, which will only exacerbate their financial woes. I realize that sometimes circumstances do not allow for much time to find a solution, but incurring more debt will only make matters worse. Before using payday loans or entering an emergency situation, a person should consult with a bankruptcy attorney to determine if the option could be used to eliminate debilitating debt. Currently, wages are declining globally, while the cost of living is increasing. It is evident that things will not improve in the immediate future for middle and lower class citizens. Borrowing more money should not be an option for those in this situation, as there are few alternatives. Therefore, bankruptcy may be not only their only option, but also their finest option.
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