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The Effectiveness of the Automatic Stay

The Effectiveness of the Automatic Stay
"""As soon as a personal bankruptcy petition is filed, regardless of which aspect of the bankruptcy code is applicable, the automatic stay goes into effect.""

This stay will suspend any attempt to obtain money or other property from a debtor, regardless of whether the property is real or personal. It also implies that any pending litigation must be terminated. There are no creditors who are permitted to take any action to communicate with the debtor. All contact and repossession endeavors must cease immediately. If a creditor or representative of a creditor continues to do this, the creditor is likely to be found in contempt of court. Every asset seized from the debtor must be returned, including repossessed vehicles, machinery, and money. Additionally, the stay halts any foreclosures and sheriff's sales that could result in a loss for the debtor.

This automatic stay does not prevent criminal prosecution against a debtor. Also, the stay will have no effect on pending proceedings that will guarantee child support and alimony payments. However, divorce proceedings to determine the division of assets, including marital property, are likely to require the bankruptcy court's ruling.

In Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 cases, debtors are granted a stay to give them sufficient time to consider and determine how their finances and debts should be reorganized. It also protects any exempt property the debtor may have and enables the trustee to obtain a complete inventory of the debtor's assets without interference from creditors. Any property possessed by the debtor may be returned to the debtor in certain circumstances. Additionally, the trustee can recover assets from creditors.

You could even compare a stay to an injunction, which is a court order prohibiting or declaring a particular action.

Creditors have the option of filing a motion with the Bankruptcy Court in order to obtain permission to pursue legal action to recover funds or seize assets controlled by the insolvent or trustee. This is known as ""obtaining relief from an automatic stay"" when creditors do so.

A homeowner who has filed for personal bankruptcy may need to safeguard his or her home by continuing to make mortgage, insurance, and tax payments, as well as by filing a plan designed to protect the mortgage holder's interest in the subject property. These demands may be the court's requirements. They are performed to offer the creditor some protection so that the debt will not increase and to prevent the property's value from declining.""

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