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USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) Email Scam...

Today, I received an email from someone who uses the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) as their affiliate. This someone identifies himself as someone from the Visa Organization Lottery Program that conducts U.S. Green Card e-mail (ballot) lottery program this year 2011.
The email notified me that I was one of the 575 lucky winners who will receive a US Green Card. This Green Card was said to be a visa type that permits me to travel with my family. And this visa has 10 years duration of multiple entry to the U.S. It is said to renewable upon expiration and permits me to work, study and own properties in the US.

You know what will I feel if this is really true? WOW! I'd be so happy in my entire life having this kind of visa in my hands. But this email is not true, not genuine (FAKE!). It's a scam and it really waste your valuable time reading this kind of emails. There are lots of email spreading in the internet and you might receive some of them. It's very easy to identify such kind of emails. "It's too-good-to-be true email".

You might be curious what's the content of the email. And it might be helpful to know this kind of email in order not to be deceived. Below is the full message of the email I received:

================ BEGIN EMAIL MESSAGE ================
From: Visa.Lottery.Promotion <g.promotion@usa.com>

Visa Organization lottery Program      
United States  Department  of State, National   VISA Center                                                                
32 Rochester Ave , Portsmouth , NH 0358801-2 USA                   

Case Number: SFM 96482174424

Preference Categories: DV-DIVERSITY
Foreign State Changeability: Asia Pacific

Dear Winner,

We wish to notify you that you are among the lucky selected winners of the U.S. Green Card e-mail (ballot) lottery program of the 2011 edition, which was conducted under  the terms of Section 203 of theImmigration and Nationality Act  (INA) Section 131 of  the Immigration Act of 2007 (Pub.L.101-649)through our internet email extracting  and screening machine.

Notification is through the selected-email-addresses. Approximately 575 winners had been notified through their selected-email-addresses including you today. Your visa type permits you to travel with your family. Your visa duration is 10 years multiple entry to the U.S. It is renewable upon expiration and it permits you to work, study and own properties in the US .
Your Green Card winning details falls within our Asia/pacific region office and we have forwarded your winning details to our Asia/Pacific office for the processing of your immigrant visa application documents for the issuance of your visa which will permit you to travel to the U.S. to receive your

Please use the below contact details to contact our Asia pacific office where your case has been assigned. If it should be necessary to contact our Asia/Pacific office by telephone, you must always  refer green card. to your Case Number as they appear above.

Contact Person Johnson Kim
Address: Aroma   Tower Panthumwam Bangkok 3001 Thailand
Tel: +66 88650 7971 +66- 8093 79134 Fax 66-22 648631
Email: info-agent@mail-on.us

Please read and follow all the enclosed instructions very carefully.

Selected winners and their accompanying family members should obtain their visas through the U.S. Embassy nearest to them with their application documents which will be processed and post to them by our Asia pacific office and they will need to act on their visa issuance application quickly before the expiration of the visa issuance deadline which is on the- 25 06  2011

Processing fee.
Single application- $860 USD
Dual/family application- $1,500 USD

The processing fee pays for the accuracy preparation of every document. Green card experts’ charges a nominal fee to cover administrative and processing costs incurred in conjunction with the careful processing of every document.

All forms correspondence and payment of the processing fee should be directed to our (Asia/Pacific) office where your Green card winning details falls for the processing of your documents. According to J.Stevenson Wilson, Author of Visa Lottery services Report, the total average fee charged by Green-Card lottery services ($860USD) for one person, there is no correlation between the fees charged with its benefits.

Do not reply back to this notification e-mail (busy)

Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Harriet Adamson
U.S. Consulate General Kentucky Center

================ END EMAIL MESSAGE ================

And here's the picture snapshot of this email:

USCIS Green Card Visa Scam

Notice how he used the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Logo to convince his victims that this US Green Card lottery program is true or genuine.

If you receive the same kind of email, please let us know. Let us help others, our friends and our neighbors not to be victim of this US Green Card email lottery program scam.

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