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Chapter 12 Noli Me Tangere – “All Saints” (SUMMARY)

Chapter 12 Noli Me Tangere – “All Saints” (SUMMARY)

CHAPTER 12 NOLI ME TANGERE – Here is the full summary of Chapter 12 of Noli Me Tangere written by Dr. Jose Rizal.

Chapter 12: Noli Me Tangere - All Saints (Summary)

The novel is one of the connected novels that were written by the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal (full name Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal y Alonzo Realonda).

He wrote the novel to make Filipinos see the abuse of power the priests show during the Spanish Colonization period.

The novel has 64 chapters. We are going to read the twelfth chapter.

Chapter 12 is entitled “All Saints”. Here is the summary of the Chapter:

The two grave diggers were in the middle of digging in the town cemetery, which is currently abandoned as there is no caretaker tending it. There were rumors of a cross mounted on a rock in the middle of the cemetery.

The two were having a chat about their experience as a grave digger as they keep digging the spot.

The younger one said that he was recently assigned here since he cannot bear the orders of the previous cemetery he was assigned to, including transferring newly-buried corpses to another place.

The older one talked about an experienced regarding a fresh corpse he was tasked to transfer twenty days after burial,

He was ordered to transfer the fresh corpse to the Chinese cemetery but was unable to due to the storm that time. He threw the said corpse to the lake. He was told to do so by a friar named Garrote.


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