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Replacement for Lost, Damaged or Stolen Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card (Retaining Same Phone Number)

A phone number is very important especially if you're a businessman or an employee with many important contact persons. The sim card plays an important role because your phone number is tied up to your sim card. What if your Touch Mobile (TM) sim card is lost, damaged or stolen? Is it possible to replace the TM sim card and retain the same phone number?... Yes.
How to Replace Lost, Damaged, Stolen TM Sim Card (using the same cellphone number)?

Touch Mobile TM Sim Card

1. Go to a Globe Business Center to replace your sim. You can search your nearest Globe Business Center by using the Search form above. Tip: Use the following keywords "Globe + Name of Place + Branch". Examples:
  • Globe Ayala Center Cebu Branch
  • Globe SM Cebu Branch
  • Globe Robinsons Place Manila Branch
2. Bring the following requirements:
  • Duly notarized Affidavit of Loss
  • Two (2) valid ID (Proof of Identification)
  • Any proof of ownership of the lost/stolen SIM card (PUK slip, SIM casing)
  • SIM replacement fee
3. For questions and other problems with TM sim card, you can call the following phone numbers for free using your TM phone:
  • 808 (24-hour hotline toll free using your TM phone)
  • (02) 730-1500 (using landline)

Take note: Like any telco companies in the Philippines, Touch Mobile (TM) provides a way to replace your sim card  and retain your old cellphone number but under certain condition - depending on system availability. The TM system will identify if your phone number has been used by another person. So, if your old phone number is not available, the only option is to buy a new TM sim card (with a new phone number).

Are you having problem with your TM sim card?


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kristine   (26 August 2020 9:00 PM) [Entry]

can i have the same phone number i lost it , last last year what should i do

Maydee   (13 August 2020 3:50 PM) [Entry]

Can you still replace my simcard even i dont have any prove/requiredments that you mention above..i used that simcard 6years my oldest simcard

Ice   (16 June 2020 0:34 AM) [Entry]

What if I don’t have the PUK slip or SIM casing?

Bryan James   (06 November 2019 7:26 AM) [Entry]

How much is the sim replacement fee?

rex rellengco   (05 November 2019 5:57 PM) [Entry]

i lost my phone and i buy a new one but the sim was accidentally thrown away

Warren caingles   (28 August 2019 6:14 AM) [Entry]

I lost my sim card last week, that could very important to me since that is my oldest sim , almost 5 years na yung sim ko. How can i recover the number of my sim?

Mhai   (29 June 2019 8:01 PM) [Entry]

Kahit ba defective sim need p din ng duly notarized affidavid of loss?thanks

Emy   (23 March 2019 9:10 PM) [Entry]

I want to replace my old touch mobile sim into lte
.. what are the requirements. Thank you

Andy   (07 October 2018 4:16 AM) [Entry]

Pede pa b un nunber k na deactivate importante kse

paul tim   (25 December 2017 8:02 PM) [Entry]

paano ko po ba marerecover yung no. ko mahalaga po kasi sakin yung no. na yun salamat po dun po kasi ako nakakapag access ng fb po

Christopher mon   (03 September 2017 11:30 PM) [Entry]

Those requirements listed above on how to retain my old no.
Nawala na po kasi yung (PUK slip, SIM casing) because that was long time ago.
Ano po ang pwedeng alternative ? Kasi po sobrang halaga sakin ng no. Na iyon dahil yun lang po ang may access sa facebook and other social media application ko at wala ng iba .
Sana po masagot po . salamat

Jaibe cayaro   (18 August 2017 3:58 PM) [Entry]

I just have a problem in my Touch mobile (TM) sim which I can't receive some of my message. I need to retain my number but any recommendation if I can change my sim but same number? or can I ask if what is the problem why I can't receive some message? I hope you can help me on this.

Thank you

Princess   (01 March 2017 2:10 PM) [Entry]

Hi just wanna ask I wanna retain this phone number of TM that I have it's already 2 yrs old and it's way slow when I use data. Can I still use the same number to switch from TM to Globe that has already 4g/LTE? This number is really important that I also need to retain some msgs... A reply us much appreciates. Thanks

christian jairus bernales   (19 August 2016 1:34 PM) [Entry]

i lost my simcard

shiina   (15 July 2016 3:38 PM) [Entry]

paano ba makukuha yong text sa dati kong number kasi kailangan sa game ko eh yong verification kaso di ko matanggal dahil di ko na alam nasaan yon simcard ko na luma

Mj   (03 June 2016 10:48 AM) [Entry]

Tried dialing 804 and 808 but cant get in touch with one of your customer representatives. I have enough load but the operator said my load balance is zero.

Nouelle john Sibayan   (15 May 2016 10:25 PM) [Entry]

I want to ask how can i retrieve my sim card its very important to me because my email adress. i cant access because i lost my sim card please where can i retrieve my sim card.

Nouelle John Sibayan

Adel Renales   (27 June 2015 11:11 PM) [Entry]

may cellphone was left in the taxi when i was going to work i didnt notice that my cellphone was gone. Then when i try to call it, it was unreach so i prefer to get a new sim card with a same number

mark wil de andres   (16 June 2014 5:24 PM) [Entry]

Hi..i just lost my phone including my sim and i don't have any proof of ownership of the sim because it was a 2 year old sim. Is there any way I can have the same mobile number? It's really important. But I've registered it in Gcash, is it possible that i can get my phone number?

Janice   (14 June 2014 3:21 PM) [Entry]

Hi..i just lost my phone including my sim and i don't have any proof of ownership of the sim because it was a 2 year old sim. Is there any way I can have the same mobile number? It's really important.

Gladys Casio   (19 March 2014 1:02 PM) [Entry]

what if i don't have any proof of ownwership of my lost sim card? can i still request for a new sim card retaining my old number?

nigyl   (14 December 2013 4:25 PM) [Entry]

Sir can i ask na damage kasi yung sim ko bago po yung num atsaka naka importante po nitong sim dahil dito tatawag yung embassy paano ko po buh ma recover bago kasi yung num nito atsaka nag punta na ako sa ibang globe brunches hindi daw sila maka request sa TM dahil bago daw yung num sir i really need your help this sim is really important.