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Pictures of Electric Tricycles in the Philippines (also called "E-tricycles or E-trikes")

Here are some collection of pictures of Electric Tricycles in the Philippines. Electric Tricycles are also known as ""E-tricycles or E-trikes". This electric tricycle uses purely electricity powered by its rechargeable lithium ion batteries. There are initially 20 electric tricycles released by the Philippine government this week. Headed by President Aquino, the "Electric Tricycles" Program is launched to replace millions of petroleum-powered tricycles with electric ones to minimize the current transport system pollution.
Electric Tricycles in the Philippines
Picture of Electric Tricycles in the Philippines (photo: AFP)

Philippines Electric Tricycles
Picture of Electric Tricycles cleaned by a worker prior to the launch of the vehicles this week

Philippines Electric Tricycles
Picture of Electric Tricycle (photo: adb.org)

Electric Tricycle
President Aquino in a ride (photo: adb.org)

Electric Powered Tricycles
(Picture) President Noynoy Aquino waving his hand

E-Trike in Philippines
A woman sitting at back of the e-trike (photo: AP)

Sohail Hasnie, an energy specialist at Manila-based ADB, said "Every 20,000 e-trikes that are introduced to Manila's streets will save the Philippines 100,000 litres of foreign fuel imports each day, saving the country about 35 million dollars annually."

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April   (12 October 2013 1:53 PM) [Entry]

Hi, when is this available in Cebu? Can we purchase it bah? Hoping for your response.
Thank you!
geri   (02 June 2013 9:26 PM) [Entry]

When will it be available in Cebu? Can an individual buy it for personal use?
Glen   (21 April 2013 9:14 AM) [Entry]

Like to be involved in building them in Fiber glass, who do I contact??
Alan   (28 January 2012 8:56 PM) [Entry]

That lady will make a nice bumper when someone hits from behind!
Gerard Villoria   (07 May 2011 8:29 AM) [Entry]

Hello, I would just like to correct your information on our vehicles.

They do NOT use "a hybrid engine that is powered by electricity, fueled by natural gas." These vehicles are run on pure electricity and do not have any emissions from any gas.

We appreciate you trying to spread the word about the Philippines going green, but please do get your information right.

Please see more about us at http://www.gerweissmotors.com

Thank you.

admin   (07 May 2011 12:47 PM) [Entry]

Hi Sir Gerard Villoria, I'm sorry I cannot access your website. But thanks for your comments. I'll be updating the article right away.