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How to Get an SSS ID or UMID Card Online (Updated Guide 2023)

How to Get an SSS ID or UMID Card Online (Updated Guide 2023)
"""In the Philippines, the Unified Multi-Purpose ID, or UMID card, is one of the most widely used and accepted forms of identification. If you don't have a UMID card, now is a good time to get one because it is a valid ID and proof of identity that will help you a lot in all of your government and private sector transactions. ,'_com-box-3','ezslot_3',183,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-box-3-0');
Simply going to the SSS office, filling out an application, and then having your photo and biometrics taken are all it takes to get your UMID card or SSS ID. However, applying for the UMID is now more difficult than it was in the past. Currently, the SSS only accepts walk-in visitors based on a number coding system, and most transactions, including UMID card applications, require an online appointment.
This complete and in-depth guide to obtaining a UMID or SSS ID in these difficult times has been created because we are aware of how essential it is to have one. From completing the card application form to scheduling an online appointment and claiming your new UMID card, we will guide you through the process. ,'_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',191,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-medrectangle-3-0');
Table of Contents: What is the UMID Card? Who Can Apply for It? What Are the UMID ID Requirements? Documentary Requirements (For Card Replacement Only)How to Apply for Your UMID ID CardStep 1: Step 2: Print and Download the UMID Application Form Complete the UMID Application Form with information about the applicant, deceased member, certification, data privacy, and authorization. Step 3: Step 4: Schedule an appointment online with the SSS Step 5: Go to the SSS Branch to make an appointment How to Get a UMID Card or SSS ID: A Quick OverviewFrequently Asked QuestionsWrapping Up What is the UMID Card?
Please enable JavaScript while the video player is loading. How to Get a UMID Card or SSS ID On. Play Video, Mute, Current Time: 0:00, Duration: 1:55, Loaded: -1:55 1xPlayback RateChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionsdescriptions off, selectedAudio Tracken, selectedAuto(360pLQ)1080pFHD720pHDAuto(360pLQ)ShareFullscreenThis is a modal window. 1.73%0:00Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently behind liveLIVERemaining Time The dialog window's start. The window will close after you press Escape. TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125% How to Apply Online for a UMID Card or SSS ID The acronym UMID, which stands for ""Unified Multi-Purpose Identification,"" is frequently referred to as the ""UMID ID."" The Social Security System (SSS), the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and the Home Development Mutual Fund (or Pag-IBIG Fund) all use the UMID card as a common identification card.
The SSS ID, which was first issued in 1998, was superseded by the UMID card, which was released in 2011. Therefore, technically speaking, the SSS ID and the UMID are identical. The UMID is frequently regarded as the actual SSS ID. As a result, members are required to present their UMID cards when conducting personal SSS transactions.
The cardholder's name, address, and date of birth, as well as a front-facing photograph and signature, are all on the UMID card. Additionally, it contains the unique ID number and Common Reference Number (CRN). 300,250],'_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',192,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-medrectangle-4-0'); The card's security features include a magnetic strip and a contactless chip that stores personal information about the cardholder.
Members of the SSS and GSIS can select either a standard UMID card or an ATM-capable UMID card. At any BancNet ATM in the United States, UMID-ATM cards can be used to withdraw loan proceeds and social security benefits. Submitting an application for a replacement card at any SSS branch is the only way for regular UMID cardholders to gain access to the ATM card.
Who is eligible to apply for the UMID Card?
If you meet any of the following requirements, you can apply for a new or replacement UMID card:

You have made at least one posted contribution and are a member of the SSS.
Your SSS ID or UMID was misplaced or damaged.
You need to update your card because your personal information has changed or your name has changed.
You would like to convert your standard UMID card into an ATM card.
You want a new UMID card to replace your previous SSS ID.

What are the requirements for the UMID ID?
One valid primary ID, or two valid secondary IDs in its absence, must be submitted by applicants. Originals—not photocopies—are required for both primary and secondary IDs.
Secondary Valid ID Requirements If you don't have a primary ID, you can submit any two (2) of the following secondary identification documents: Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) Card Social Security Card Passport National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance Driver's License Alien Certificate of Registration Postal Identity Card Firearm Registration License to Own and Possess Firearms Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence Voter's ID Card Seafarer's Identification and Record Book ( 300,250],'_com-box-4','ezslot_8',193,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-box-4-0'); At least one of the documents must include a photograph.

Permanent Residency ID Health or Medical Card Bank Account Passbook Credit Card ATM Card with Cardholder's Name Life Insurance Policy ID Card issued by the LGU (Barangay/Municipal/City) ID Card issued by a professional association recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Fisherman's Card issued by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Temporary License issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Certificate of Naturalized from the Bureau of Immigration Certificate from the Office of
If you lose your SSS digitized ID card or UMID card, you can get a replacement card here:

Affidavit of Loss duly notarized Proof of Payment for card replacement due to data modification:

Previously issued digitized ID or UMID card from the Social Security Administration (SSS) as proof of payment

A properly notarized Affidavit of Non-Receipt of Card Notification or email from the Identity Management Department (IMD) stating that the courier lost or failed to deliver the UMID card Proof of payment for card replacement due to damaged UMID card, use of UMID card as ATM card, or other reasons:250,250],'_com-banner-1','ezslot_10',194,'0','0'_('div-gp

The validated Miscellaneous Payment Form or the Special Bank Receipt (SBR) generated by the SSS-accredited bank or collecting agent in which you have paid the 200 card replacement fee serves as proof of payment. During your appointment, you can also pay the replacement fee at the SSS branch office.
How to Get Your UMID ID Card With SSS There are two ways to get your UMID ID card:

Using the mandatory Branch Number Coding System for over-the-counter transactions at the branch walk-in.
Online Appointment System: Through My, by scheduling an appointment. SSS at the SSS branch you've chosen.

All SSS branches in the National Capital Region (Metro Manila), as well as those in Baguio, Dagupan, Bacoor, Bian, Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Bacolod, Iloilo-Central, Cagayan de Oro City, and Davao City, are implementing the mandatory number coding system. Take a look at this list of SSS branches that are currently accepting applications for UMIDs.
The schedule for the SSS's number coding system can be found below. To find out which day you are allowed to make a walk-in appointment with the SSS branch, you basically need to check the 10th digit of your Employer ID or SSS number. For instance, you can only visit the SSS branch on Tuesdays if the 10th digit of your SSS number is 4.

Day of Appointment10th Digit of the SSS or Employer (ER) ID Number Monday1 and 2 Tuesday3 and 4 Wednesday5 and 6 Thursday7 and 8 Friday9 and 0 If your SSS branch does not use the number coding system and does not accept walk-ins, you will need to make an appointment through My. Account SSS. Learn how to schedule an appointment online with the SSS by reading this article.
Step 1: Download and Print the UMID Application Form The UMID application form must first be downloaded. To view or download the form, click this link.
The application form will open in a new tab if you are using Chrome on your desktop. To print the document, select the printer option or click the download icon in the upper-right corner. There is only a need for one copy of the form.

Note: Download the UMID Form The UMID application form is no longer required if you applied for your SSS number online after December 10, 2020. You can go directly to the SSS branch to capture biometric data by scheduling an appointment only. On the day of your appointment, bring your printed SS number application and transaction number slip.300,250],'_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',196,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-leader-1-0');
Step 2: Fill Out the UMID Application Form After printing the form, use a ballpen to write all of the required information in large letters. If any of the required information is irrelevant, write ""N/A.""
Avoid any erasures or alterations as much as possible. You can only make two (2) changes or erasures, and your signature must be next to each change or erasure.
When filling out the application, follow these tips and instructions:
Card Applicant Data Type of Card Application: If this is your first time applying for a UMID card or if you have never received one before, select ""Initial Enrollment."" Otherwise, select the appropriate replacement reason and check the box next to ""Card Replacement.""
SS Number: Enter your 10-character SSS number here. If you forgot your Social Security number, read this article.
Write down your 12-digit Common Reference Number (CRN). If you do not have one, leave it blank.
If you are applying for a replacement card, you should include your Special Bank Receipt (SBR), receipt number, or transaction reference number. For the initial enrollment, write ""N/A"" or leave it blank.
Name, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name: If you do not have a middle name, leave it blank or write “N/A.”
Suffix (optional) – An illustration: Sr., Jr., III.

Facts About Your Birth Date: Type your birthday in the format MM/DD/YYYY. October 15, 1990, for instance, is 10/15/1990.
Place of Birth: Using the information on your birth certificate, specify the country, province, or municipality in which you were born.
Sex and Gender: Select ""Male"" or ""Female.""
Mother's Maiden Name – This is your mother's full name prior to marriage. Father's Name

Demographic Information Residence Address: Enter your permanent residence address. If you live in the province but work during the week in Metro Manila, give your provincial address instead of your Metro Manila address. The same holds true if you are employed abroad.
ZIP code is another name for the postal code. If you don't know your postal code, look it up on this list.
Country Code: Enter ""PH,"" which is the Philippines' country code. [300,250]'_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',550,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-large-leaderboard-2-0');
Choose your civil status—single, married, widowed, annulled, or legally divorced.
Height in centimeters: This calculator can help you convert your height in centimeters from feet and inches.
Weight (in kilograms): To convert pounds to kilograms, use this calculator.
Distinguishing Features: Make a note of any facial features that stand out, like a mole. For instance: Under the right eye, a mole. If you do not have one, simply write ""N/A"" or leave it blank.

Add the area code to the telephone number in the Other Card Applicant Data section. If you do not have a phone number, leave it blank.
Phone Number: Enter your 11-digit phone number here. Write the phone number of a member of your immediate family (for example, a father, husband, or daughter) if you do not have one.
Email Address: If you do not have an email address, type “N/A.” If you're applying from outside the country, you'll need an email address.
Do You Have a Pension? If you are a pensioner, select ""Yes."" If not, select ""No.""

Regular UMID Card – Check this if you only want a regular UMID card. Option for UMID Card as ATM Card or Regular UMID Card
If you want a UMID ID card that can also be used as an ATM card, select this option.

Bank Name: Provide the name of the bank (such as Landbank) that will issue your account number.
Bank Branch: Indicate the branch of your choice, such as Landbank Intramuros, where you will pick up your card.

Deceased Member Data Please only complete this section if you are the surviving spouse (wife or husband) of a deceased SSS member. 300,250],'_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_13',197,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0);

Certification, Data Privacy Consent, and Authorization Read the data privacy policy carefully before signing the form. SS Number/CRN of Deceased Member Name Attach the fingerprints in the presence of SSS personnel, who will co-sign the form as witnesses, if either you or the applicant cannot sign.

Printed Name Signature Date: Enter the date you completed and signed the application.
Fingerprints: If you are unable to sign, only attach your fingerprints.
Witnesses to Fingerprinting – SSS receiving personnel will perform this task.
Branch and designation: SSS receiving staff will carry out these tasks.

Step 3: Make an Online Appointment with the SSS The biometrics data capture appointment is the next step. Your My is where you can schedule an SSS appointment. SSS account online.
How to set up an online appointment to get your UMID card is as follows:
Log in to your My first. Account SSS. unless you have a My. If you have not yet created an SSS account, you can learn how to do so by reading this article. 300,250],'_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',198,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-large-mobile-banner-2-0);
Click ""MEMBER INFO"" on the menu bar after logging in, and then select ""Appointment System"" from the dropdown menu.

The Member Appointments page will open. Please provide the following information in order to schedule an appointment:

Purpose: Select ""Application for Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) Card"" by clicking the drop-down menu.
Region: Pick the region (such as Visayas) in which the SSS branch is located.
Branch: Select the SSS branch where your appointment will take place.
Appointment Date: When you click this field, a calendar with the available dates for your appointment will appear. The grey dates that are available are highlighted. To select a date, click on it.

After that, pick the time of your appointment of choice (for instance, from noon to 2 p.m.).
Write your question, comment, or concern in the box labeled ""Concerns."" You are submitting an application for a UMID card, so you can write: I would like to submit a UMID card application.
Click ""Submit Schedule"" after verifying that the information you provided is correct. ”{300,250],'_com-leader-2','ezslot_15',199,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-leader-2-0');

The next thing you'll see is a confirmation popup. To continue, select ""Submit.""
A successful confirmation message, your appointment date and time, and the transaction number will be displayed if your appointment request is approved. Additionally, you will receive information about your appointment in an email.
The email or confirmation message need not be printed. Simply keep a record of your transaction number because the SSS staff may request it during your appointment.
The complete, step-by-step guide for scheduling an online appointment with the SSS can be found in this article.
Step 4: Go to the SSS Branch for the Appointment On the day of your appointment, go to the SSS Servicing Branch that you've chosen to capture biometric data. Bring one valid ID, or two valid secondary IDs if you don't have one. 300,250],'_com-leader-3','ezslot_16',600,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-leader-3-0');
If you want your card replaced, you must also bring proof of payment and the necessary documentation (such as an Affidavit of Loss or an old UMID ID card). During your appointment, you will be able to pay the $200 replacement fee at the SSS branch.
Applicants must dress appropriately, such as in a blouse or shirt with a collar. Bandages and accessories such as a necklace, hat, metal piercing, or dangling earrings must be removed from the face or neck. Before the appointment, sunglasses and eyeglasses should be removed.
During the appointment, you should always wear a face mask. During the process of taking their picture, applicants can only temporarily remove their facemasks. For more information about the SSS's health and safety measures, read the biometrics data capturing guidelines.
The SSS personnel will remove the acknowledgement stub at the bottom of your UMID application form following the capture of your photograph and biometrics. You can use this stub as a reference.
Step 5: Claim Your UMID Card The SSS will notify you via text message when your UMID ID card is ready for collection. At the SSS branch where the card application and appointment were made, regular UMID cards should be claimed. Within 30 days of receiving the SMS notification from the SSS, applicants can claim their UMID cards at the branch of their choice.250,250],'_com-leader-4','ezslot_17',601,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-leader-4-0');
Within sixty days of receiving the SMS notification from the SSS, regular UMID cards must be claimed. By calling the SSS hotline after this 60-day period, unclaimed cards can be checked to see if they are still available for pickup. After five (5) years, all unclaimed cards will be destroyed.
Call the SSS hotline at 8920-6401, local 5714, or send an email to sss_id@sss.gov.ph to find out where your UMID card application stands. If you changed your mobile number or did not receive a text notification from the SSS within 30 days of submitting your application, you can check the status or availability of your UMID card.
It is recommended that you periodically check the status of your application by logging in to your My account because the production of UMID cards may be delayed due to the current situation. SSS account, or by contacting the SSS via email or phone.
You can use My to see where your UMID application stands. SSS:

Navigate to My. Account SSS.
On the main menu, select ""MEMBER INFO"" after logging in.
The drop-down menu has ""UMID/SSS ID Details"" as the option.
You can now see the enrollment date, serial/transaction number, and transaction status of your UMID or SSS ID.

A Brief Overview of the Procedure for Obtaining an SSS ID or UMID Card Download and print the UMID Application Form. Use all capital letters to complete the UMID application form. Make an appointment with the SSS by going to the SSS branch and taking your biometrics. You should wait for a text message from SSS telling you when to claim your UMID card. To obtain your card, return to the SSS branch.

The UMID application fee is how much, according to frequently asked questions. A new UMID card's initial enrollment is free. [300,250], ""_com-mobile-leaderboard-1,"" ""ezslot_18,"" 602, ""0,"" ""0""_(""div-gpt-ad-_com-mobile-leaderboard-1-0"")); When does my UMID card become void? The UMID or SSS ID has no expiration date and is valid for the cardholder's lifetime. My UMID card got lost. How do I request a new one? If you've misplaced your card, you'll need to apply for a UMID card at the SSS branch and make an appointment there. A notarized Affidavit of Loss is also required of you. What is the cost of replacing the card? Your UMID card can be replaced for 200. How do I pay for the fee for the replacement? During your appointment, you can pay the card replacement fee at an SSS-accredited bank, collecting agent, or SSS branch office. If I already have an old SSS ID, can I still apply for a UMID card? If you want to get a new UMID card instead of your old SSS ID, you can do so. During your appointment at the SSS branch, you will be required to return your previous SSS ID and pay the replacement fee of 200. Don't forget to bring one valid primary ID card or two valid secondary ID cards if you don't have one. When is my UMID card due? When your ID card is ready to be picked up, the SSS will send you a text message to let you know. This typically takes less than 30 days from the date of your appointment, but given the current situation, it may take much longer.250,250],'_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_19',603,'0','0'_('div-gpt-ad-_com-mobile-leaderboard-2-0'); How can I see where my UMID card application stands? Logging into My, you can see where your card application stands. SSS account, then selecting MEMBER INFO > UMID/SSS ID Details. You can also send an email to sss_id@sss.gov.ph or call the SSS hotline at 8920-6401, local 5714. How do I put my UMID card into use? The SSS Self-Service Express Terminal is an automated kiosk or machine that can be used to activate a card. Learn how to set a PIN code and activate your UMID card by reading this article.
Ending The UMID or SSS ID card is without a doubt one of the Philippines' most prestigious and well-known identification cards and deserving of the title of universal ID. The UMID card is no longer able to claim sole ownership of that title because of the National ID, but it is still worth getting because of its widespread acceptance and name recognition as a valid ID. In addition, it serves as your entry ticket to the SSS's services and benefits.
Don't hesitate to contact the SSS by calling (02) 8920-6401 or the toll-free hotline 1-800-10-2255777 (1-800-10-CALLSSS) if you have any questions or concerns regarding the UMID or SSS ID.
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