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Requirements in Traveling with your Dog or Cat by Ferry/Ship in the Philippines

If you are a traveler in the Philippines, most likely, you have no idea on what to do or what to bring if you travel with your pet (e.g. dog, cat, etc.) by Ferry/Ship.

You might be worried that your pet cannot be traveled with you. To eliminate your worry and avoid the hassle of your dog or cat getting barred from the ship, you must bring a "Permit to Travel" or otherwise known as "Permit for Local Shipment of Animals".
Dog Cat Travel by Ship Boat in Philippines

Where to get the Permit to Travel (Permit for Local Shipment of Animals)?

You can get it in the Department of Agriculture (DA) particularly in the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) office. The BAI office is under the management of the Department of Agriculture. The BAI office is usually located near the DA office. If you don't know where the DA or BAI office is, you can ask your neighbors or friends. They're willing to give you answers.

What are the requirements in order to get a Permit to Travel for your Dog or Cat?

  1. The dog or cat must be at least 2 months old and above.
  2. Present the rabies vaccination certificate. You can get this from your veterinarian or from the DA office where you immunized your dog/cat. The DA office offers free animal anti-rabies vaccination in priority areas. They have a file or record to all dogs they immunized.
  3. In the BAI office, fill-out a form with the following information:
  • Name of the Shipper/Traveler
  • Address of Origin
  • Address of Destination
  • Type of animal to be travelled
  • Date of Travel/Shipment
  • Purpose of Travel/Shipment
  • Type of Transportation to be used (e.g. Boat)
Take note: No need to bring your dog/cat in the BAI office. Just present your Rabies Vaccination Certificate or Rabies Immunization Certificate.

Is there any charge/fee in getting a Permit to Travel?

No. It's free of charge. Some BAI office have donation box. You can offer a donation (any amount) if you like. But I suggest it's better to give than to receive. Be kind to the BAI office for the free service.

Traveling by 2GO Travel Ferry/Ship

2GO's policy for Pets is:
"Pets and other animals (except for endangered species) are allowed on the vessel provided that they are properly caged and with quarantine certificates from the Bureau of Animal Industry and a bill of lading".

So it's required that you should have a cage for your pet. This is to protect other people from any bites or any harm that the pet may cause. Quarantine certificates refer to the Permit to Travel and the Rabies Vaccination/Immunization Certificate. You also have to pay a bill of lading for your pet. For dogs/cats, it usually cost Php 150 as of this date.
Your pet will be treated as a cargo. So, it will be placed in the cargo area particularly in an open place where you can easily see it. You are allowed to feed or visit it anytime you want.
Based on my personal experience, 2GO staff will place your pet in safe place where you can easily visit it. 2GO have the responsibility of your pet because you pay for the bill of lading. If it's lost, then they will pay for it.

Traveling by Cokaliong Ship

Based also on my personal experience, Cokaliong also requires the cage, the Permit to Travel and the Rabies Vaccination Certificate.
Cokaliong staff was very accommodating. They allow us to have our dog (which was inside the cage) be placed near our bed. We were in the Economy Accommodation. And only a few passengers are there. Some passengers were very friendly with our dog. We even let the dog out of the cage.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I have to be the owner of the pet to get the Permit to Travel?

No. You can let other people get the permit as long as he/she bring the Rabies Vaccination/Immunization Certificate.
Are you planning to travel your pet with you? Do you have any question regarding traveling your pet by ship/ferry/boat?

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Lane   (30 May 2019 9:14 AM)

Ask ko lang if pwede ko mtravel ang puppies q na 1 mos. Old plang?? May ok lang ba if i bring 3 puppies?. May byad po b??

Jace   (20 May 2019 3:17 PM)

Hi, where can I find the BAI office in Manila port area?

Lady May   (02 April 2019 3:39 AM)

Good morning po pwd ko po ba ma dala yung mga cat ko going to cdo pero wala po silang immunization certificate. Pero may mga cage naman po.

Acezy Bores   (30 January 2019 2:29 AM)

Hi... Ilang po pwede madala na pet sa pag travel? My limit po ba kung ilan Ang pwede madala na pusa??

Ghermarie Malubay   (25 January 2019 5:19 PM)

Hello ma’am/sir ask ko lang po kung pwede ko bang pagsamahin yung dalawang small breed na dog sa isang crate? And pwede ko rin ba silang makasama sa isang room?tia.

Ic   (04 January 2019 4:21 PM)

If I'll bring my hamters to my province, do i have to get these certificate or just pay 150 each?? I'm in Manila and my province is in Negros Occidental

Algen   (12 October 2018 1:52 AM)

Can I have my dog in a Suite-room for 2. But inside the cage? I want him to be beside me. He is a small chihuahua. Thanks

From: Dumaguete to Manila

Algen   (12 October 2018 1:49 AM)

Can I have my dog in a Suite-room for 2. But inside the cage? I want him to be beside me. He is a small chihuahua. Thanks

Pearl   (21 September 2018 3:18 PM)

Can I put my dog in a stateroom? I want him to be beside me. He is a small dog weighs 7 kg only.

Anne Parica   (16 July 2018 3:17 PM)

Hi , where do I pick up my dog if he is ship to iloilo from Manila ?

Jaja   (29 June 2018 5:24 AM)

Hi, Where to pay the 150 php fee for the bill of lading(2GO)? And Can I put 2 cats in one medium size crate. My cats are Small and medium size. Is it okay to get mt tickets and the permits a month before my departure date?

Ann gal   (03 May 2018 2:50 PM)

I will travel with my 3 dogs going to manila from cebu. Is it ok to put 2 small dog in 1 cage? And my other dog is medium, so he will be alone in 1 cage.

Khrish   (12 April 2018 6:11 PM)

Hi. May i know if there's any required kind of cage or any cage will do? Thank you in advance

Robyn Case   (12 January 2018 6:38 AM)

Is there a size limit on the pets that are travelling? I have a large mixed breed and will be in his own crate.

Chuchu   (15 December 2017 12:13 PM)

Where do I get the permit if I am from the province travelling through batangas pier?

fionah gabilo   (14 November 2017 10:41 AM)

bakit po sa BAI office sa batangas kailangan pa magbayad ng 200 pesos para sa permit?? before magtravel.

Jilyn Q Phillips   (19 September 2017 10:30 AM)

what type of cage do I have to put my cat in for travel from Manila to Bacolod

kent   (11 April 2017 3:55 PM)

thank's for this information.
just planning to travel my Belgian from Cebu to Manila..
keep up..

abegail   (09 December 2016 8:29 PM)

can i bring my 2 months old dog in 2go batangas to calapan?