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I Love You in Bisaya (Cebuano) Translation

This is the Bisaya (Cebuano) translation of "I Love You!".
  • "I Love You" = Gihigugma ko ikaw (Geh-hih-guhg-mah kuh ih-kao.)
  • "I Love You" = Nahigugma ko nimo. (Na-hih-guhg-mah kuh nih-muh.)
  • "I Love You" = Love taka. (Love tah-kah.)
I Love You in Bisaya-Cebuano Translation

  • I fall in love with you. "Na in-love ko nimo" (Na in-love ko ni-mo)
  • I love you so much. "Gihigugma kaayo ka nako." (Gi-hi-gug-ma ka-a-yo ka na-ko.)
  • I'm in loved with you. "Na in-love ko nimo." (Na in-love ko ni-mo.)

Do you have any English phrases or sentences that you want us to translate in Bisaya (Cebuano).

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Awesome   (21 April 2018 9:12 PM)
I love you because you teach us how to say "i love you" in bisaya!

Yea. Please write more articles like this. We love to read bisaya words about love.