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Bad Experience in Metrobank (List them)

Metrobank is one the largest banks in the Philippines. Actually I never had any problem transacting with Metrobank. Transactions inside the bank are quick and convenient. But not all of us have the same experience. Some of you might have bad or negative experience with Metrobank.

Problem with Metrobank?

Bad experiences in Metrobank might be about:
  • new account opening handling
  • customer service quality
  • deposit/withdrawal handling of bank employees
  • cash handling
  • customer service email support
  • internet banking
  • online banking enrollment (particularly for OFWs abroad)
  • credit card problems
  • insurance issues
  • loan problems
  • checking account problems
  • atm problems
  • etc.
There maybe a lot of problems or issues that you encounter with Metrobank.

If you have any bad experience with Metrobank, please tell us in the comment below. Other people would be willing to help and clear-up those confusion or issues you have. Or a Metrobank Customer Service Representative might visit this page to address your concerns.
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1 cjcorbes   (17 July 2014 10:59 AM)
how to check trhru online my passbook account.I am an ofw here in Saudi Arabia I want to see my money online because I threw every month