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BPI ATM Card Requirements
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What are the requirements in applying for BPI ATM Card?

The type of ATM Card typically used by most BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) clients is the BPI Express Teller Card:

Picture of a BPI Express Teller ATM Card

The requirements of applying or opening this type of ATM account are:
  • At least 2 valid ids. See a list of valid id's. Examples are:
    • School ID
    • Company ID
    • Postal ID
    • Voter's ID
    • Driver's License ID
    • UMID
    • SSS ID
    • GSIS ID
    • PhilHealth ID
    • Passport
    • NSO Birth Certificate
    • Barangay Clearance
    • NBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • any Government-issued ID's...
    • Click this link to see a list of valid id's in the Philippines: "Valid ID's Required in the Philippines"
  • Two pieces 1x1 colored pictures
  • P3,000 pesos initial deposit
If you want to see the complete procedure on how to apply for BPI ATM Card, you can read it on "How to Apply for BPI ATM Card?".

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33 kath   (06-April-2015 12:07 PM)
I have a government issued id and police clearance, is it enough to open an atm card? i have postal id and philhealth id but they are expired

32 Gaile   (04-April-2015 5:58 AM)
What are the requirements if you want to apply for atm card replacement?

30 Gecelyn Evangelista   (14-October-2014 11:00 AM)
I only have school id and nso birth certificate? Is it enough to open an atm account?

31 admin   (16-October-2014 8:32 AM)

29 Keith Dela Cruz   (25-June-2014 9:52 AM)
I only have school id and nso birth certificate? is it enough?

28 archie   (07-May-2014 6:36 PM)
i have school id and nso birth certificate... is it enough to open an account?

27 Maria M. Gungon   (26-April-2014 2:16 AM)
I wanted to apply for a BPI ATM card. Just wanted to know how many days would I be able to have it after applying. I will be presenting my company ID and police clearance.

26 lei   (23-October-2013 1:52 PM)
are nbi clearance and birth certificate enough to open an account?

25 ann   (25-September-2013 5:15 PM)
what if i had a Company valid ID and NBI Clearance and brgy clearance and yet i got the NBI clearance and brgy clearance in our province but not yet expired and i want to open a savings account here in metro manila . my question is, are they valid or able to use in applying a saving account ?
ASAP! thank you in advance!

24 ana   (12-September-2013 12:38 PM)
good afternoon..can i ask a question i only have a 887 pesos left in my atm bpi after 1days i deposit 2000 psos....but wen i check and i withdraw 1000 pesos i only have a zero balance...please send me an answer...

23 jacky   (21-August-2013 11:11 AM)
may i ask if that 500 initial deposit is different from 3000?

22 chatty   (14-August-2013 0:14 AM)
sir what are the requirements for lost atm card ?

21 chatty   (13-August-2013 6:22 PM)
sir what are the requirements for lost my atm card ?

20 reggie   (25-July-2013 11:38 PM)
im disappointed that my current bank cannot allow me to transact internationally with my atm. I am travelling to australia. if i transfer my acct to bpi, will it be hassle-free to transact purchases there using a bpi atm card?

19 kareen   (24-July-2013 1:32 AM)
i lost my atm card 3 years ago with zero remaining balance.. i plan to apply for a new atm again.. will there be any additional charges since i lost my card before?

17 kareen   (20-July-2013 0:32 AM)
i lost my atm card 3 years ago.. will that be ok to apply for a new atm card again?

18 admin   (21-July-2013 9:26 AM)
kareen, yes you can apply.

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