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How to Transfer Money/Funds in PNB (Internet Online Banking)
Transferring your money/funds through PNB (Philippine National Bank) internet online banking is so easy. Just by following the 2 (two) steps given below. you can enjoy transferring your funds anytime and anywhere. The best is it's FREE.

You may transfer funds to any PNB account by clicking on the "Funds Transfer” menu.

1. Select your source and target accounts. For target accounts, you may transfer to any of the following:
> Your own account
> An enrolled third-party account

PNB Transfer Money Funds Procedures

2. Specify the transfer amount, transfer schedule and alerts. You may transfer funds immediately, on a future date or on a recurring basis. You may also specify your alerts for the transfer via email and/or SMS.
PNB Online Money Transfer

That's it.

Reminder: You cannot transfer funds to a different bank. Transferring of money/funds should be PNB to PNB accounts only.

If you have no PNB account yet, you can read an article here regarding How to Open a Bank Account in Philipphine National Bank (PNB).

And if you want to pay your bills through PNB online banking, you can go here: How to Pay Your Bills (PLDT, Globe, SSSS, Ayala Land etc.) with PNB online banking service.
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3 hisiin   (12-May-2015 9:41 PM)

2 daniel gealogo   (07-June-2014 11:43 PM)
just want to ask on how to enroll third party account,pnb disabled the online enrollment,im working abroad and i really need to send money..please help me..i already send via mail the maintenance form i filled out and one valid id to my branch but until now there is no reply,my branch is on tagaytay..please help me..thanks and hoping for your reply

1 janice monceda   (24-June-2013 10:15 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

i would like to inquire about the rules and regulations here in PNB Bank about the owner of savings account he is in Saudi Arabia he allow me to withdraw his savings accounts here in the Philippines in case of emergency, what is the processes about this matter.

Thank you.