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Maximum Withdrawal Limit of BDO ATM Card

Withdrawing your money using your Banco de Oro (BDO) ATM Card in the ATM has a limit. There's a limit in withdrawing your money per day. There's also a limit on the number of withdrawals allowed per day.

The maximum amount of money you can withdraw from the ATM per day is Php 50,000. While the maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction/per dispense in the ATM is Php 10,000. And the maximum number of withdrawals allowed is 5 times.
> Maximum Withdrawal in Every Transaction (or in every withdrawal): Php 10,000
> Maximum Witdhrawal Per Day: Php 25,000
BDO ATM withdrawal limit
On the other hand, the minimum amount of withdrawal per transaction is Php 200 (using a BDO ATM).
Why does BDO limit the ATM withdrawal per day and per transaction? This is for security purposes. It is to avoid greater financial risks or damage to your account. 
For example, your ATM card has been hacked or skimmed. Someone whom you don't know uses your ATM card which contains 1 million pesos. And he withdraw money from it. He will be limited to the maximum amount of withdrawal per day which is Php 25,000. So, he cannot withdraw all the money (all the 1 million pesos) in one day. 
So, if the next day, you know that your ATM account has been compromised, you can immediately report the incident to the bank (BDO Customer Service) and get your ATM account blocked. In that way no one can access your ATM account anymore. No more unauthorized withdrawals will happen.
Are you satisfied with the Php 25,000 ATM withdrawal limit per day of BDO?
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4 Marites V.pajarillaga   (11 May 2017 8:40 PM)
Pwede po ba ako mag widraw dito sa.UAE ng cash convert sa dirhams magkano p.o. nag charge

3 Grethel Enot   (04 April 2017 2:32 PM)
I have my BDO kabayan savings ATM here in UAE,but my passbook was with my brother in Phil. is it possible that he can withdraw a money without my ATM and without my permission? pls. responds thanks

2 ROY ANINON   (08 January 2017 7:17 AM)
I have my BDO kabayan savings ATM card without master card logo, can i transact using this ATM in USA?I wander why my card doesn't have the master card logo.


1 Joan   (16 October 2015 5:12 AM)
So how much is the maximum i can withdraw here in dubai i was trying 4000 aed but not allowed and tried 2000aed also not allowed so how much should i withdraw maximum per transaction?