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Sky Cable Customer Service Hotline Number

Sky Cable not only offers cable tv service in the Philippines, it expands into providing a fast broadband internet service and an affordable IDD calling service.

Sky is constantly innovating and expanding. Since 1990, it acquires over half million subscribers all over the Philippines with Manila and Cebu as the biggest markets. With its growing number of customers, Sky Cable provides a way to communicate with its customer's concerns and problems.

You can contact Sky Cable Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • (02) 381-0000 (Metro Manila)
  • (02) 636-9292 (main office)
  • (046) 484 4701 (Cavite)
  • (049) 534 1555 (Laguna)
  • (02) 520 8560 (San Pedro)
  • (044) 693 5877, (044) 693 5878, (044) 693 5880, (044)693 1497 (Bulacan)
  • (032) 344-1998, 421-1818 (Cebu area)
  • (032) 345-2278 local 1 (Cebu area)
  • (033) 300-1210 (Iloilo)
  • (034) 432-0051 (Bacolod)
  • (035) 225-1010 (Dumaguete)

Fax number:
  • (02) 635-6406

Email address:
  • skyserves@mysky.com.ph (for current subscribers)
  • telesales@skycable.com (for new subscribers)

You can also contact them through their mobile phone number:
  • 0917-631-0000 (Globe)
  • 0918-863-1000 (Smart)

Do you have any concerns/problems with Sky Cable?
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753 medardo c. bernados   (09 January 2018 5:10 PM)
I would like to inform your office that last Monday dated January 8, 2018 at more or less 7:00 pm the program in your system was blocked out or no channel seen in all of the programs of the system. I would like to know what went wrong.. Until now Tuesday January 9, 2018 we are still no connection at all in your system or services or no signal in all of the channels. Please act immediately on this matter.. because we are paying diligently our obligations to your company... hoping for immediate action regarding this matter!!!!!!!!!!

752 Alistair B Estelendres   (03 January 2018 1:21 PM)
good afternoon.

we have been calling your office but we are always prompted by an automated system.
we have not received our billing for the past three months, and are wondering why. is there any problem with your billing department? if we cannot connect to your service better still pull us out of it.

thank you.

alistair b. estelendres

751 Victor Rones   (22 December 2017 1:19 PM)
I've been calling the hotline to check on the service. I've been given a phone number by the automated system informing me to call such person who has been assigned as the representative whom I could speak with in regards to my service concern. I've called the phone number which I verified thrice thru the automated system and the thing that I hear are chicken sounds on the background. Might be that the number that was given is for a poultry farm or game fowl farm !!!!! Try calling your agent thru 09489721227, same number that was given by the automated system for a representative named john Michael!!!!!!!!!!

750 Vicente Gianna   (06 December 2017 9:18 AM)
No cable signal eo17-0 no valid sector found pls check acct# 610246079 almost 1 week n

749 krysaykarv   (22 November 2017 7:12 PM)
ang connection nyo pirmi nalang gd adlaw2 gaka dula ang wala adlaw nga wala gaka dula ang connection nyo kay uha nyu palihog ga bayad kami tsakto sang cignal kami wala kami problema sang kamu na ya adlaw2 nalang gid

748 jane regaton   (09 November 2017 6:32 PM)
Kindly check our connection again please,nawala nanaman poh sya,i already check/unplug the digibox wala parin poh.Searching for signal at tsaka no signal found poh ang nasa screen ng tv.ito poh account # 639042111 under the name of patrick bandiera poh..Thanks

747 RUBY B. VICTORINO   (03 November 2017 6:53 AM)

746 RUBY B. VICTORINO   (03 November 2017 6:49 AM)
Please do something about our connection of destiny cable, we are experiencing problems almost a month now connection is very poor sometimes no channels 08 abs cbn, 50, 54,56 and 62. we already checked the digibox connection. Can't reached your sales agent assigned to our account, Fidela C. Vicitorino with acct. # 618132943. If ever you can't fix our connection/problem we might cut our destiny cable connection. POOR SERVICE ALWAYS!

745 Eleonor and Philip Greaves   (02 November 2017 8:10 AM)
We have been trying to contact Sky Cable for 2 days in Davao City and no one answers the phone. We tried sending a Email to Sky Cable's Office in Manila and it won't go through, we tried several times making sure that we followed all directions correctly and it still wouldn't go through. Sky Cable certainly is a reminder that we are living in a 3rd World Country.

744 jane regaton   (31 October 2017 1:56 PM)
Goodnoon poh,paki check naman cable namin,nawala poh sya kaninang madaling araw poh,ito poh account #639042111..Thanks poh

743 ARSENIO GRANADA   (24 October 2017 11:48 AM)
Ilang araw na po kasi kaming walang cable. Paki check naman po iyong system. eto po iyong account number 668073077. Ilang beses na rin po akong tumatawag sa customer service hotline nyo pero busy.

742 chita gonzales   (23 October 2017 7:20 AM)
we don't have signal in brgy. buttong, laoag city area, since yesterday. can you, please, look into it...thanks a lot!

741 Rose Ann De Guzman   (13 October 2017 10:40 AM)
Hi I've been trying to contact the agent assigned to us by your customer service 381-0000 with cellphone no. 09979106726 but your agent is not answering his phone. I've been dialing this number for 2 days more than 30x and even sending him message for him to call back but his not answering. This was so inconvenient for us. I tried emailing 'skyserves@mysky.com.ph' but also until now no reply from your end. customer service is really unsatisfactory.

Hope with this email your team can expedite our rquest for cable transfer with account 648838522. you may search on your server my emails and other documents provided

740 aileen estudillo   (07 October 2017 3:15 PM)
gud pm po ! paki ayos naman po skynet namin ... almost 2days na kaming walng net account#676606092

739 Sharmae   (29 September 2017 8:48 AM)
Ano na nangyare sa inyo sky dati dati may mga callcenter pa kau na sumasagot kahit na ang tagal namin naghhintay ngayon ttawag kami may ppinapatawagan pa kau maybe f.bro ang naiintindihan kong pngalan hahahha tapos wala din ano na service nio d naman kau laus paraaglaganyan ausin nio hotline nio
Kaya wala nangyyare sa pilipinas sa ganyang company na katulad nio bagsak sa survey. Yan nakkahiya yan

738 739   (23 September 2017 4:44 PM)
paki ayos po cable namin acct number 673016847 thank you

737 Kenneth Harmes   (15 September 2017 4:13 PM)
I have no signal service again. This seems to be a regular happening.

736 ester pura   (09 September 2017 11:49 AM)
pls look into my cable. it is not worth the monthly payment because it is always out of signal. thank you for your attention.

735 EMMA A BLAZA   (06 September 2017 10:58 AM)
5 days na po kaming walang signal dito sa 21 San Diego St., Marulas, Valenzuela City...pls do something about it coz we keep on paying your company but we can't enjoy watching this week...thank you for your immediate response

734 Rosemarie De Pallo   (03 September 2017 3:40 PM)
kakainstall palang po ng service namin bakit ganito ala na agad net after 2 days tinatawagan ko technician nyo at ang sales agent nyo nag ring lang pero walang sumasagot. akala ko maganda service nyo kahit ung customer service wala din magawa

733 Julieta A. Chua   (23 August 2017 1:49 PM)
please make an action almost 1 month no cable connection....

732 Fritz Edward Dandan   (20 August 2017 12:53 PM)
Pakiayos po ng cable connection wala pong cable 2 days na. Account nr 673025005 Account name: Fritz Edward Dandan

731 Edwin   (19 August 2017 9:11 AM)
Miss Angela Fronda please reply on my email.

730 Ron Bers   (06 August 2017 8:46 PM)
Walang matinong hotline number.. Binigyan ako nang robot jason bunao daw 09219224581 galit pa sumagot... Tapos binigyan naman ako nang landline number 3463871 out of service naman.. Lukohan naman ung service nyo.... Maka lipat na kaya sa Signal.. Maglipatan na....

729 Thelma Muller   (06 August 2017 8:11 PM)
May i ask what date do you usually email the billing statement? This is the _th time i requested your office to email me my billing statement but i only received march, april & may. For june & july bill i have to call your office.

728 JMoreno   (05 August 2017 11:53 AM)
Ilang araw na pawala wala ang internet at cable namin .. ano na ?? Pls pakiayos naman po ang signal ng Sky .. sayang bayad

727 yob ener   (27 July 2017 1:24 PM)
punyeta kayo sky cable... ninanakawan nyo kami. nagbabayad kami ng maayos at tama pero wala kaming signal 2 weeks na at hanggang ngayon hindi nyo pa naayos. nagreport na kami at sabi pupuntahan pero hanggang ngayon wala pa naman pumupunta. yung sabi sa hotline nyo na assigned technical para sa amin laging naka off ang cellphone hindi lagi macontact. ano silbi ng service nyo at wala rin kwenta ang hotline nyo umiinit lang ulo puro computer sumasagot walang makausap na tao. bwiset kayo.

726 Leslee nery   (27 July 2017 12:19 PM)
Yung service niyo po nakakainis ang bagal lage nalang walang signal ang hbo star movies pbo cinema one channel namen updated at on time naman po kame magbayad pake ayos naman po

725 Panfila Guanzon   (16 July 2017 6:39 AM)
5 days extension box with NO SIGNAL KINDLY MAKE ACTION
Acct# 638608561
Already did some troubleshooting alot of times but still no action .
Sent an email alot of times, still no action.

724 albee canoza   (10 July 2017 12:49 PM)
2 weeks na yung problem nmen, wla p din response sa team ninyo... syang ang subscription nmen, umaandar ang metro pro ndi naman nmen nagamit....

723 Ronaldo N. Flores   (10 July 2017 11:36 AM)
Gud pm po sana naman yung service center nyo di palaging busy or walang makausap.... di namin maireport ang nagiging publema ng signal sa sky cable like ngayon nag E17 ang cable ko pero pero wala akong makausap isa man sa mga agent nyo.

722 George Salinas   (03 July 2017 9:59 AM)
I cannot connect with the Hotline. Super busy dial tone.
Want to report that the physical cable was cut since it was attached to the door by your service contractor.
Can you send some crew to bring a physical cable and re-connect it.

Thank you.

Hope somebody reads this.

721 Marifi Inoceto   (01 July 2017 5:49 PM)
wala pong signal or program ang cable

720 Grace Dhoox   (01 July 2017 2:36 PM)
Hotline bang matawag HOTLINE number ninyo??nagbabaga sa sobrang ka busyhan..the only thing it does to us as your customers is to make us crazy with anger...sobrang busy 24/7...punyeta yan!!!! and bilis ninyong mgkabit...serbisyo naman ang bagal..bulok

719 JJJJ   (30 June 2017 0:22 AM)
What is this hotline all about when there's no one who answer but a robot, automated system.
May pa hotline hotline pa kayong nalalaman wala namang kwenta for just a simple question sana antaas pa ng intro ng robot niyo.
I am supposed to pay my bill using my BDO account ang option doon ay,
Skycable Corporation/ sunvision
SKYY services
Saan ang MOONSAT CABLE TELEVISION INC na option niyo na siyang nakasulat sa statement niyo na made payment to? so ano ba sa option ang dapat gamitin? Baka sa iba maipasok ang payment mahirap na.
I need to pay it kasi baka bukas putulin niyo na, ang bilis niyo pa naman sa putol.
Ma affected homebased jobs namin ng asawa ko.
Generic questions like this na itatawag pero automation ang sasagot walang kwenta mga numbers niyo.

718 Samuel Legaspi   (28 June 2017 3:03 PM)
Why is our cable signal here in Lapu-Lapu City on and off? It's been this way for several weeks now.

717 Wolfgang Milde   (24 June 2017 9:26 AM)
Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
Could you please tell me my actually Billing status of my scycable-destiny (Cable-TV) account:
Account-Nr.: 618764028.
Thank you in advance.
Wolfgang Milde

716 Remia N. Vidal   (23 June 2017 8:14 AM)
Good morning! Follow up ko lang po yung sa cable namin nagbayad na po kami june 16 hanggang ngayon isang channel pa rin kami,sana po maayos na po ninyo..Maraming salamat po..account # 652701434.

715 kenneth   (21 June 2017 10:49 AM)
Unable to read the smart card I already tried yung punasan yung gold chip ng card kaso ganon pa din pano ba gagawin dto dpat bang bumili ulet ng panibagong digibox tumatawag kami sa hotline nyo walang sumasagot 2 weeks ng tawag kmi ng tawag wala din naman kwenta hotline nyo .Any response pahelp kmi

714 ArnIe   (20 June 2017 6:57 PM)
E48-32 error.... We often incounter this problem!!!

acct no. 649880581

713 Fujisawa Yoshihisa   (19 June 2017 6:57 PM)
My customer account is 669643691

It is displayed ' E017-0 ' in my monitor

712 jessica p ibita   (10 June 2017 4:42 PM)
putangina nyo, pls resume your hotline number and o=your services ,

711 Joselito Burgos   (07 June 2017 7:24 PM)
Dear SkyCable,

We paid our current balance 3 days ago and yet our cable service has yet to be connected.We have been trying to call each and every single landline and mobile numbers you posted on all SkyCable site,receipts,notices and all other possible sort of medium you guys have been putting your hotline number,lo and behold nobody and no one has ever talk to us.In heavens name Skycable I begged you to please correct this practice of yours all at once.

710 ferdinand dela cruz ampaya   (01 June 2017 8:43 AM)
Ano ba talaga ang number ng customer service nyo 3 days ng walang signal ang cable namin sa Barangay Namayan mandaluyong wala man lang kayong advisory kung bakit paki ayos naman valued client naman kami hindi kami illegal kaya gawan nyo ito ng aksyon asap dahil bukas gusto kong manood ng finals ng NBA game 1 kapag wala kayong aksyon lilipat na lang ako ng ibang cable company.

709 Elena Javinar   (30 May 2017 11:13 AM)
I follow up my subscription for your promo, I am new subscriber. please I need response as soon as possible thank you

708 Lourdes Nilo   (29 May 2017 0:05 AM)
Account number:662873942
Account name :Lourdes Nilo

Almost 7days we have no cable connection .Kindly assist me I cant reach your hotline and very hard to call..

707 MARY GRACE MAYORES   (26 May 2017 12:57 PM)

REFERENCE #2808776



706 Aubrey rodriguez   (26 May 2017 9:03 AM)
I would like to ask how to change my wifi password and my latest balance

705 not paired   (23 May 2017 2:25 PM)
goodpm kuya Erwin ..

account # 506234530

" the smart card is not paired with this digibox "

Yan lumalabas sa screen Ng tv namin .. almos 1 month na di magamit .. ilang beses na PO ako natawag di sinasagot SA landline.. naka ilang text na din PO ako SA agent nyo. .. pa fix naman .. kailan Lang pinalitan tong digibox .. thanks ..please reply . nagbabayad kami Ng maayos..

704 RC Morales   (20 May 2017 4:56 PM)
gusto ko pa naman sanang mag apply sa sky for our internet and cable kasi walang fibr dito sa area namin ang PLDT kaya lang i've change my mind na because of negative reactions and comments. sana in the future ma improve ang service niyo. godbless!

703 King ina nyo sky cable   (20 May 2017 10:36 AM)
Putang ina nyo sky cable, hindi makontact customer service nyo, 24/7 pa kyo, mga putang ina nyo

702 Ma Luningning m tolentino   (19 May 2017 9:44 AM)
why isnt this working? all plugs are connected and the digibox doesnt working

701 Marvin Meneses   (14 May 2017 9:54 AM)
Long time sky subscriber po ako, naka legacy pa nga yung cable and Internet package ko. Recently nagapply ako for my apartment sa mandaluyong, yung kakaalis lang na tenant dun naka sky din dati. To install mejo aakyat sa bubong yung technician. Potek, naka dalwang survey at tatlong tech na pumunta with different reasons para ma reschedule at maipasa sa iba yung trabaho. Ang tatamad! Ayun kanina tumawag, install daw nila ngaun, pero I know mag rarason nanaman to, ambilis nga omoo nung ipapacancel ko e. Well, too late, kasi kahapon ambilis nainstall ng pldt internet ko at landline. Now I'm thinking na lumipat na rin sa pldt para sa existing account ko sa pasig. Salamat+63 918 423 9441 kay ate sa telesales, mayat maya tumatawag para i check yung status, mejo inaway pa nga sya nung tech nung pinakausap ko sa telepono.

700 Maychelle marvida   (13 May 2017 10:25 AM)
May problema po ba ang sky cable?Yun isa po kasing unit namen e di gumagana. May error message cia na E017 something..actually lahat ng channel. Please gibe time for this nagbabayad mo kame ng maayos eversince..Maraming salmat po.

699 armando quiazon   (11 May 2017 9:07 AM)
Wala kaming cable chanel, bukod don, wala lumalabas na chanel sa ikalawang unit ko

698 geraldine   (07 May 2017 5:17 PM)
how t change the password.....pls send a reply to my email add thanks

697 Editha Dela Cruz   (06 May 2017 7:50 PM)
Bakit wala kaming signal dito sa Esteban Abada st. Brgy. Loyola heights qc, nag txt na ako sa naka assign na agent namin, hindi naman nag rereply account #630891124, yung agent namin si Marlon Nidea, please gawan nyo naman ng aksyon!

696 Joselito Casas   (04 May 2017 6:52 PM)
Last month pa hindi na kami makapanood dahil walang connection. May problem ba ang Sky cable sa Marikina. Thank you!

695 Gloria G. Desingano   (04 May 2017 11:00 AM)
Good morming.
Kindlycheck our digibox kasi almost 3 months na ako nagtitiyagang manood ng black and white. Tapos ang sounds pa ay on and off. Nakakairita lalo na kapag favorite mo and shows na pinapanood mo.

694 lily   (03 May 2017 8:44 AM)
I would like to have my sky cable cut of immediately.. I have been calling your hotline for days and nobody answers. . You give us an option to an agent with a cellphone number who does not answer too.!! What kind of service is that? Pls. cancel my account#614479142 immmediately.

693 andrea erika siega   (27 April 2017 5:06 AM)
goodmorning po..pki check naman po signal ng tv namin wala pokmi signal kagabi pa po..please..eto po acct number po..672757789

692 Hillary Rose Abueg   (26 April 2017 6:03 PM)
Saan po ba may malapit na skycable dito sa Pasig City at Taytay Rizal

691 michael guarino mendiola   (25 April 2017 5:43 PM)
i need an information for connection of cable with internet access thank you

690 Bernadette M. Caspe   (25 April 2017 2:18 PM)
Kindly please check our connection in Sky cable. we dnt have connection for 4days already, i've been tried to call ur costumer hotline so many times but u're line is always busy. We already paid our monthly last april 6. so how come u disconnect our cable connection without any advice. Please do something with our concern ASAP.. account no. 665943577 thank you and hope to hear from you soon...

689 Jose G Uy   (25 April 2017 12:13 PM)
Dear sky cable,

I have been a subscriber for many years, recently my cable has been cut off many times, and its because of your system error, i can not pay my bill because i never get it. A few days ago i paid my 3 month old bill coz i did not know that it was due, ihave to go to your office to ask about my bill. Til now it has been 5 days After i am still waiting for reconnection, please tell me what you can give so i do not go to your competitor. They are just waiting for me to give them my bill so i can switch. I think you will loose many costumers the way you operate.

688 zhang le   (24 April 2017 7:28 AM)
please kindly check my account why until now i still dont have my internet connection even though i already paid my bills last week.. account no: 665838298. im hoping you can fix it as soon as possible.

687 Dagle cherimae   (22 April 2017 0:48 AM)
Hi! I'd like to ask why i don't have connection for almost two weeks? Kindly check it please thanks. Accnt.#639435717

686 Hamlet hilario   (21 April 2017 11:14 PM)
Sir papaputol na po namin cable namin kasi wala namang gumagamit,tsaka nung nakaraan ponapaputol na po pero bakit may dumating paein na bill,lumalaki na po bayarin namin,maraming salamat09953437945

685 andrea erika siega   (21 April 2017 5:48 PM)
hello po,pki check naman po wala po kmi signal cable po knina pa po..eto po acct number 672757789

684 Hegina vidal   (21 April 2017 7:21 AM)
Hi, please re connect my account 653453116
Thanks, settled already. Thanks

683 lita   (20 April 2017 12:59 PM)
Paki restore po ng #667478804 Wala po kami ng signal mula pa kaninang umaga thanks.Sa name po ni Ms.Santria thanks

682 April   (20 April 2017 12:31 PM)
goodafternoon, pls double check the acct #673665845 under the name APRIL G AGONDEZ. we received a disconnection letter just this morning together with the bill for APRIL.How come we have this where in fact we paid the bill for MARCH? I still have the receipt in case you need proof.

681 Chuchi   (19 April 2017 6:01 PM)
PAKI RESTORE NG SIGNAL ACCOUNT # 605399193 Account Name : Omar Turquea no signal since March 30

680 Chuchi   (19 April 2017 5:58 PM)
Contract# 605399193 Account Name: Omar Turquea................ NO SIGNAL SINCE MARCH 30, 2017. PAKI RESTORE NAMAN

679 Jonesa Zonio   (12 April 2017 2:18 PM)
anong klaseng cable kayo,almost 3 weeks n wala kaming signal ang cable nmin at ang hirap nio nman kontakin kung saan-saan p kmi pinapasa.Ang hirap p kausap ang mga agent nio,tawag kmi ng tawag sa inyo di nmn inaasikaso.Sana ausin nio n.bayd kmi ng bayad sa hindi nmn nmin mpapakinabangan. e2 po ang account no.63-360-7168, Account Name Maribel Cecelia.
Pakiaus nmn po at sana Pkiactionan nio nmn po agad..Sayang po binbayad nmin s inyo.

678 bretericson   (12 April 2017 2:15 PM)
paayos naman po ung cable namin nag bayad nako wala parin.

677 jake guanio   (07 April 2017 7:57 AM)
paki ayos naman poh ng sky cable signal namin nabayaran na poh ung balance paki balik na po ung signal account number.672346061 salamat

676 Eddie Yap   (01 April 2017 10:47 AM)
Walang pong Signal Sky cable namin since march 20 pa po.. Account No. 631688306 c/o Mrs Edna Mejia

675 ROBERTO GALLINERA   (30 March 2017 8:41 PM)

674 Roderick torio   (29 March 2017 10:42 AM)
Wala po kami signal ng ibang channel. Paki check naman. Thank you. Account number 615214655.

673 nestor evangelista   (27 March 2017 4:44 PM)
hirap kumontak sa service hotline nyo sayang oras acct number #668467210

672 Rodel fajardo   (27 March 2017 1:32 PM)
Please repair my sky cable signal as soon as possible kc minsan lang gamitin di pa maayos , SAYANG ANG BINABAYAD SA SERVICIO.

671 GELOU   (25 March 2017 1:54 PM)
Hi po , good afternoon . Yung skycable digibox po namin hindi gumagana since last last week pa po ito . tinawag na po namin ito sa 3810000 pero yung answering machine lang po yung sumasagot at kung meron man pong sumsagot ay sabi lang naman nila ay ' I-ICHECK LANG NILA' pero wala naman pong nangyayari . Nagbabayad naman po kami sa bills namin , pero hindi na gagamit yung cable ninyu kasi nag no valid sector found ito !!!!!!!!AYUSIN NAMAN NINYO ITO !

670 Rolan A. Padios   (24 March 2017 3:51 PM)
Good day po, ma'am/sir mag papakabit po sana kami ng cable sa apartment po namin sa sampaloc manila paano ko po kayo makukuntak po?kasi hindi naman po nasagot itong number po 0917-631-0000 (Globe)
0918-863-1000 (Smart), paki contact naman po ako! 0930-243-2934/0936-575-8925! Thank You :-)

669 Kc   (23 March 2017 10:21 PM)
My sky wifi internet disconnection suddenly .
Not yet due and pay 1000.I would like to ask if what was the reason. With account no.663541331

668 Kc   (23 March 2017 10:15 PM)
"Hello good evening @sky_broadband can i ask y na disconnect ang internet na wala pa man unta nag due. Pls reply asap. Ty account no.663541331

667 Renz Castro   (23 March 2017 1:40 PM)
Thiis is the worst service cable provider in the Philippines. The National Telecommunication Commission should investigate the substandard and poor services of this Lopez owned company. Basta company ng mga Lopez puro "BULOK" at "WALANG SILBI". Sana makarma ang lahat ng opisyal pati na ang may-air ng SKy CABLE na ito...buwiset!

666 Maria Corazon Tulio   (23 March 2017 10:39 AM)
I would like to request that my account no. 614520388 be terminated effective immediately. Thank you.

665 Giselle Santos   (18 March 2017 7:31 AM)
If it is not too much to ask, kindly hire more customer service agents to answer our calls! i have been waiting for one for more than an hour now! Our skycable subscription's ought to be free for the kind of service you give! Fix your system if you don't want to answer our calls!!

664 charmalyn babor   (15 March 2017 11:19 AM)
very poor service...

663 Genevieve Ventura   (14 March 2017 2:06 PM)
very poor service.reported my concern to a certain Mr. Robert Dilawan our officer in charge (according to your answering machine) since Sunday morning until today it had not been taken cared off.

662 Jayme   (14 March 2017 9:16 AM)
I'm on my 3rd hour waiting for someone from their support services to pick up the line... Still waiting...

661 Janet   (13 March 2017 2:29 AM)
Very poor custoner service. 2 hours of waiting sa line but still no one answering the phone.

660 Janet   (13 March 2017 2:26 AM)
Very poor customer service.2 hrs of waiting sa lne still walang sumasagot. Ubos oras sa katatawag sa inyo.

659 Alicia M. Advincula   (12 March 2017 5:21 PM)
I can view only one channel since this morning until now. What is wrong? Please have it fixed ASAP. Account No. 601572656 in the name of Heidi P. Advincula.

658 manuel a dioquino   (10 March 2017 10:04 AM)
pls check my skycable digibox which konk out yesterday:
my address : Nr 36 MRT AVENUE NORTH SIGNAL TAGUIG CITY (beside Flying V Gas Station
CELL 0917-824-8630
Office Nr 8870844

657 gilberto madera   (09 March 2017 2:26 PM)
please end our contract
skycable -- 200289870
skybroadband --- 617100061

656 gilberto madera   (09 March 2017 2:25 PM)
we would like to end our contract with
skycable --- acct no 200289870

655 janelle   (25 February 2017 6:57 PM)
hi gd pm ask ko lng sana if paano my apply ng skybrodband with wifi

654 Darryl Canubida   (25 February 2017 2:55 PM)
I would like to ask status of our bundle cable with internet plan 1299. we dont have other cable channels. ID 664047411

653 Ma. Theresa Macawile   (23 February 2017 3:17 PM)
Your Customer service sucks!
my TV screen says "searching to signal"
I don't have my account number and there is no option to press is your customer don't have the account number.
I have been with you for just a month and from connection/installation, your service is not good!
No one can provide my account number!

652 Sheryl Alfabete   (21 February 2017 6:45 PM)
Screen says no channels found

651 Caloy   (21 February 2017 5:39 PM)

650 Caloy   (21 February 2017 5:34 PM)

649 josh lopez   (16 February 2017 10:50 AM)
worst customer service 3810000

648 Anna Ventura   (16 February 2017 10:01 AM)
account number 201973929

have been calling you 5x already to fix my digibox. your service representatives always say i will receive a call from your end. it has been 5 days, and not one call. every single day, i call you. same response.
nakakainis na.

647 Alfredo G. Rellorta Jr.   (16 February 2017 5:48 AM)
Account Number 666284437
reported 3rd time today
CP No. 09988504177

646 Paul Munoz   (15 February 2017 11:06 AM)
No connection




ACCT NO 673288278
Address #30 ermin Garcia st. Brgy pinagkaisahan quezon city
Contact. 09055195994

645 mannykka cruz yamsuan   (13 February 2017 11:47 AM)
account number: 658193856 we are located at #05 Adalia St., Longos Malabon City connection lost 2 days ago....please do something about this...

644 len mangotenter   (09 February 2017 8:27 AM)
Hello and good day po.
Need help sa digibox. it was already replaced last year with a new box. it went well until this January. Almost every other week wala kaming service. Dito po kame sa Pembo area. Matagal na po kame subscriber. Sana maayos na ito.
thank you.

643 Michael   (06 February 2017 10:45 AM)
#17 diamond st northview 1 subd. Brgy batasan hills q.c
Pinaputol na po nong Jan. 16 pa pero nagcharge parin sa card nya ngayon. Nsa ibang bansa kasi sya now. Ngayon kaninang umaga pako tumatawag sainio di manlang sinasagot nalobat nlng ung wireless phone puro lang Ring

642 Carolina C. Armas   (26 January 2017 4:49 PM)
Account Number 629031502, 1100 Batangas st. Tondo, Manila. Garbled reception for the last 5 days & total cable connection lost since yesterday morning.

641 boycottSKY   (24 January 2017 9:37 AM)
Hi everyone! Why don't we all start a campaign to boycott SKY services, let's see if then they try and do something to fix/improve their services. #boycottSKY

640 James Schaeffer   (14 January 2017 6:32 PM)
Can you please tell me what to do as one of my cable boxes is not functioning. All I get is:

E017-0 No valid sector found.

Since I have two boxes, I switched them and have the same result.

639 julio mendoza   (13 January 2017 5:49 PM)
account no. 629666958, block 49h lot 4 longos, malabon city no cable connections for almost 2 days

638 king   (12 January 2017 4:34 PM)
Palagi kaming na didisconnect at hindi namin magamit ung STEAM application..nagbasa ako sa forum na kelangan i reset mismo sa server nio..

Account #:672818826
Address: Blk 5 Lot 14 Villa Castillo Mahogany Lane San Pedro Laguna.

637 Adelaida Basagre   (11 January 2017 4:27 PM)
Account name: Adelaida Basagre, account number: 619152654, address: stall 110-111 Kamuning Public Market Kamuning Quezon City. My concern is that I don't have a cable connection, kindly check. Thank you.

636 andrea perez   (11 January 2017 1:29 PM)
Kahapon pa kami walang internet.updated naman ang payment ko.ano po ba ang problema.my address.267-c,sebastiana lane 1,san joaquin pasig city

635 Anna Marie Collano   (10 January 2017 4:21 PM)
Hi, kindly check our connection or our box most of the channels are all no longer accessible. My children cannot watch their favorite channels. Regular channels are the only one working. Its been almost more than a week now. And your hotline 3810000 is not even ringing.

Account # 608190228

634 Auzenio Balayan   (05 January 2017 2:13 PM)
Please check my line for some of the channels i used to view were no longer accessible since the start of 2017, maybe some technical problems occur. Please make our investment worthy. thank you.

633 Myline Maestre   (05 January 2017 10:04 AM)
Good day Ma'am & Sir. I would like to inform you to please dis connect our sky cable signal. Thank You.

Account Number: 609665378
Account Name : Florentino Ceriaca
Address : 1128 I. Delos Reyes St. Sampaloc , Manila

632 Rouelito Zarraga   (05 January 2017 9:35 AM)
I would like to complain on your poor service and inadequate response to my problem regarding your unit skycable. my account number is 643712628. I called up several times but it's either busy or make some promises such as, I was refered to a number 8343588, which nobody bother to answer. I did called up your 3810000 and 4180000 to complain. I was promise that on day which is yesterday somebody from skycable will call up but there was none.
This is what you call service!!

631 Florian agsalud   (03 January 2017 3:12 PM)
Ilang araw na pong wala signal yung cable namin yung ibang ch merin yas mga 2 days wala na yun ch2 at ch7 tumtawag kme sa contact number nio wala namang sumasagot...sayang lang binabayad sa inyu...

630 Jovic pangan   (30 December 2016 11:08 PM)
Paki naman kaninang umaga pa po wala kami channel na ABSCBN HD and ABSCBN 8 , pati na ANC channel bakit nawala un pa naman ang mahalaga, paki habol naman bago mag countdown sa newyear pls. Mainit na ulo ng mama ko kakatawag sa hotline nyo. Wala pa din nagaganap na pag sasaayos.
Caloocan skycable hotline ano na????
Hindi kami na lalate ng bayad bakit ganito perwisyo????
Account no.
Wag naman po laging ganito nag babayad ho kami ng tamang oras.

629 DAYANARA O. AGUILAR   (27 December 2016 8:09 PM)
i would like to inform you, our account is already paid, but still no connection. why ? please fix this.

628 danilo h. besinan   (27 December 2016 11:07 AM)
kindly check our cable connection sira sya since yesterday. acct # 667156262 thanks

627 HARRY AGUIAR   (27 December 2016 3:33 AM)

626 Arnaldo Baltazar   (21 December 2016 9:03 AM)
Sir, we settled our account already , but still we are deactivated till now. ..

625 Jocelyn Pascua   (19 December 2016 12:41 PM)
Please be informed that we still have no internet connection almost 1 week now

Account Name: Mary Ann Pascua
Account No.: 671209540
Address : 24 A. Flores Street Bagong Ilog, Pasig City.

624 Roger Brown   (16 December 2016 3:42 PM)
none of you phone numbers work except one that they will not respond to new account inquiries.
What is a valid phone number in Mandaue Cebu?

623 Imelda Manalang   (16 December 2016 11:38 AM)
its been 2 weeks now...we dont have signal .....can you just cut our skycable subscription with you..

This has been happening every month no signal for 1 week...

Thank you

622 Gracielle Cecilia A. Lopez   (16 December 2016 10:41 AM)
I am renovating my condo and would like my router to be moved to a different part of the living area. Can I ask for a much longer fiber optic cable (10m)?
Please advise. Thank you.

621 jerrick lorenzo santos   (16 December 2016 8:52 AM)
Please be informed that we still have no internet connection almost 1 week!


620 JULIE TADEO   (13 December 2016 12:44 PM)
tanong ko lang po bakit walang signal yung sky cable namin.. eto lumalabas na error EO17-0 no valid sector. Our account number is 664864312. thanks

619 JULIE TADEO   (13 December 2016 12:40 PM)
Tanong ko lang po bakit wala signal ung sky cable namin, ang lumalabas na error ay EO17-0 NO VALID SECTOR ang account # namin ay 664864312. pakiaksunan naman pls.thanks

618 Greg   (11 December 2016 7:59 AM)
Please be informed that we still have no cable connection even after loading my prepaid digibox. Php250.00 Load was deducted upon checking of my remaining balance. This is very annoying and unfair as we are paying the right amount for the cable connection.

Our Account Number is 69962507211
Location: quezon city City
Contact Number: 09176736904

617 evangeline   (10 December 2016 6:35 AM)
Hello Skycable,

can you please send me a technician or activate my Tv Signal instead. I'm seeing "Cable service is currently unavailable..
-make sure cable connector is plugged tightly to Digibox
-call our hotline or your mySky concierge to report problem.

I'm also a Technical Support Representative my account before is same, I've checked already the cables even the HDMI I unplugged, plug back in all the Digi Box cable still not Working.

Please activate my Digibox I believe there's no problem with my cables, but the problem is on you end. I'm living at Noveleta Cavite City. Or might as well send a Technician here,


Evangeline G. domingo

616 Karen A. Velarde   (08 December 2016 12:46 PM)
Dear Skycable,
Requesting for the termination of my monthly subscription to Food Network HD in the amount of P50 per month under account number 662073628. Please terminate immediately. Thank you.

615 Ram   (06 December 2016 11:36 AM)
I've been calling you're Hotline Number 381 0000 since yesterday and I could not get any of your CUSTOMER SERVICE on the line.

We're having issues with our Internet and Cable as we receive the error 52 searching for signal. I've done all troubleshooting I found from the internet and not a single TROUBLESHOOTING works! We have a business and every second counts!

Our Account Number is 669059795
Location: Taguig City
Contact Number: 09294920242

I'd be happy if I can get a call back from you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as this is an on going issue for almost 3 day!

614 Ram   (06 December 2016 11:34 AM)
I've been calling you're Hotline Number 381 0000 since yesterday and I could not get any of your CSR's on the line, including your Smart Phone Number listed.

We're having issues with our Internet and Cable as we receive the error 52 - searching for signal. I've done all troubleshooting I found from the NET and not even 1 TS works! We have a business and every second counts!

Our Account Number is 669059795
Location: Taguig City

I'd be happy if I can get a call back from you ASAP as this is an on going issue for almost 3 day!

613 Francis   (04 December 2016 11:49 PM)
Paki aksyonan naman yung internet at cable namin na madalas mawalan ng signal tsaka napaka bagal simula ng may umakyat sa post kung saan nakakabit yung SKycable namin. pwede bang paki check nyo naman kung may nagcacable theft samin. Account No.654971676

612 Francis   (04 December 2016 11:42 PM)
yung cable namin laging nawawala tapos yung internet naman namin napakabagal sa gabi. simula ng may nagayos dun sa poste kung saan nakakabit yung cable namin. baka pwede paki check nyo naman may kapitbahay kaming illegal na nakakonekta sa cable namin. account number: 654971676

611 hazel noche   (27 November 2016 11:19 AM)
paki aksyonan naman ang hirap manood at maglipat ng mano mano kaya di kami makapag load

610 hazel noche   (27 November 2016 11:18 AM)
yung remote nmin at box my technical problem noong nov 20 ko pa tinawag hanggang ngayon wala pang aksyon

609 marcy ragin   (24 November 2016 3:56 PM)
we dont no signal for 2 days

608 Donna mae quiachon   (23 November 2016 8:26 PM)
Please check no signal. My account no. 668336930.

607 Donna mae quiachon   (23 November 2016 8:21 PM)
No signal since this afteenoon dated november 22, 2016. Please check account number 668336930

606 St. Giles hotel Makati   (23 November 2016 4:59 PM)
our account no: 610294677

605 St. Giles hotel Makati   (23 November 2016 4:58 PM)
Kindly, check our line because whole rooms are no signal. More guest complaining. Asap..
kind regards,
IT Associate

604 Emily Urbano   (23 November 2016 1:30 PM)
kindly send a technician to check my cable line Account no.: 668701000

603 Lilia   (22 November 2016 6:40 AM)
Nobody's answering your customer service.

602 Lilia   (22 November 2016 6:39 AM)
Acct # 621 78 31 06
Kindly check my cable. Its been months already. No movie, news , etc.

601 JULIE ANN BERNARDO   (21 November 2016 9:43 AM)
Kindly check our cable line, it's been five days na local channel lang ang may signal, he rest wala na.. This is our account no. 659935724.. Thank You!..

600 Brayt Ko   (21 November 2016 9:38 AM)
daghan bogo diri oi

599 TERESITA CRUZ   (17 November 2016 5:13 AM)
Kindly send your technician to check my line. No cable service. My account # is 600987631.

598 Ferdinand P. Lomibao   (15 November 2016 7:07 PM)
acct no.62189097 No valid sector problem. since November 8. Until now, no one assisted me in repairing said problem. Would you please email me na lang yung procedure to have it repaired kung talagang ganito lang ang service nyo. I called your service hotline and kayo mismo subukan nyo kung maganda servisyo nyo.

597 Hipolito   (15 November 2016 3:47 PM)
Panu po mag paputol ng line,?may bayad p po ba ito?

596 Allan   (13 November 2016 6:41 PM)
May bayad po ba kapag pinalipat ko ung skycable ko sa lilipatan kong bahay?

595 gemma tuibeo   (08 November 2016 1:39 PM)
pakipuntahan lang po asap kung kelan angbyad na me ng bill saka naman po nawala signa @ ayaw gumana nun remote please lang po puntahan niyo asap dito po sa # 15 evangeliswta street, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon, City

594 gemma tuibeo   (08 November 2016 1:37 PM)
walang signal po yun cable namin at hindi po gumagana yun remote sa digibox po pwede po ba papunatahan niyo tnx

593 gary g. agana   (08 November 2016 11:52 AM)
only 2 channels available help

592 Glay Junio   (08 November 2016 10:15 AM)
I applied for broadband last Oct. 17 and installation was scheduled the following week. Per adviced of their contractor, no available port and they need to coordinate with their engineering. Til Today nov. 8, 2016, no status yet. Service is very slow, incompetent customer service. Hotline is very busy. No one answers.

591 Jean D'silva   (05 November 2016 2:30 PM)
Since mid October we don't hv cable....we paid on time! I emailed many times to your customer service but no answer, called many times no one answers! Soooo disappointing! Pls respond! Account Num 654876622.

590 Jus   (05 November 2016 10:09 AM)
paki ayos yung samin nilagyan ng code ng katiwala niyo kaya hindi namin na lalagyan ng load magrereklamo kame sa tulfo!!

589 Jus   (05 November 2016 10:07 AM)
Yung cable namin nilgayan ng code ng isang katiwala nyo tapos nagbigay kme ng 450 na load sa kanya tapos bigla umalis nung tinatawagan na ayaw na sumgot hindi na macontact kung san san narin kami nakapunta mag rereklmo kme sa tulfo pag hindi nyo to ginawa!!!!

588 FLORO R BAJO   (02 November 2016 11:22 AM)
Walang signal sa amin kahapon pa, tumawag ako sa customer service walang sumasagot. Pakiayos naman service nyo!!!!!

587 angelica   (28 October 2016 3:56 PM)
laging busy wala man makausap sa customer service naka ilang tawag nako ano ba yan?

586 Zoilo velasco jr   (28 October 2016 7:18 AM)
I would like to report your signal, i already paid my bill and still no cable signal, i have been texting ang calling you so many times, but no reply. Please do your job, please stop ignoring us.

585 aicel m   (26 October 2016 11:01 AM)
puro line busy. nu ba yan -_-

584 lindsey galicia   (25 October 2016 12:06 PM)
Walang kwenta customer service hotline nyo!!!! Dami ng nagrereklamo wala pa rin kayo ginagawa.... tawag ako ng tawag pero laging busy....never ko na experience maka usap anyone from sky cable....

583 Dianah Aprilyn Maramag   (24 October 2016 3:29 PM)
bakit po nag ka-cut at super bagal po ng connection namin? before pa dumating ung bagyo nawalan ng net tas kahapon nio binalik pero super duper bagal and laging nawawala. Di naman kayo sumasagot sa customer service hotline nio. Paki ayos naman po serbisyo niyo. Salamat!

Account: 658436074

582 Sarah Bacalso   (20 October 2016 11:51 AM)
Please do the needful for account number 649461309 our other digibox is not working since October 17 and all your hotlines are not available. Thank you!

581 ISEC-YOUR   (20 October 2016 10:22 AM)

580 JohannaBergink   (20 October 2016 6:58 AM)
Since Oct 16 I have no signal. I have tried to contact ALL the various ways of contacting customer service during the past days - NOT one response from text messages and e-mails sent. Also the hotline is ALWAYS busy - many times I was on hold for more than 40 minutes and still no rep available. I am sorry, this is very poor customer service. Please arrange for repair soon. Thank you

579 Zamita Mationg   (19 October 2016 6:18 PM)
No internet connection and your hotline is busy. What kind of a hotline is that? Acct number is 666154304

578 Zamita Mationg   (19 October 2016 6:16 PM)
I have no internet connection and your hotline is always busy. How is that possible? Accct No 666154304. I need an answer asap.

577 Dodjie R.Purio   (19 October 2016 10:16 AM)
Good day to you Team,
Please follow those people was calling you.and who always try to reach you.c mon still to long to contact all of you.
Kindly do your job immediately. ...

576 Edna ortega   (17 October 2016 3:15 PM)
Please check my account number .
Almost one week na walang cable.

575 Edna ortega   (17 October 2016 3:14 PM)
Please check my account number.
632131925.almost one week na walang cable.asap

574 Angelica Manojo   (17 October 2016 12:18 PM)
Reporting our skycable nawala yung connections namin since yesterday, October 16. We tried to call your hotline pero busy. Iyong mga kapitbahay namin mayroon na kami until now wala pa din. We paid the said bills on time. Account number 630096057, I will wait for your immediate actions regarding our sky cable connection today. Thank you and God bless!

573 Anisah Esmael   (17 October 2016 11:59 AM)

572 Julius Baniqued   (16 October 2016 3:13 PM)
Hindi ko talaga maintindihan. Tawag ako ng tawag wala namang sasagot. Hindi ba nanloloko kayo ng mga costumers niyo. Paki ayos lang yung cable namin acct. number 631192726, walang utang yan! Salamat po, pakiayos lang kung pwede. Kung hindi na pakiputol na lang.

571 Julius Baniqued   (16 October 2016 3:09 PM)
Pls repair our cable, acct no. 631192726. Walang utang yan, advance pa nga payment. Bakit nawalan ng service. Wala man lang abiso, wow! Excellent service is important. I don't think you have that. If you cannot do anything about this , pakiputol na lang. You have the worst service company of all time. Mananagot kayo kay pres duterte..

570 Julius Baniqued   (16 October 2016 3:04 PM)
Reporting our skycable, no service since thursday oct 13, 2016. I tried my very best to contact you but "always busy" talking about excellence service. I think you have to give seminar to all your employee. Kawawa namn sila. Thank you. Acct no. 631192726. Walang utang yang account na yan! Slamat po

569 Julius Baniqued   (16 October 2016 2:58 PM)
Kung d niyo na kayang ayusin, pakiputol na lang. Since thursday pa nawalan. Acct no. 631192726. Tapos maniningil kayo ng maniningil. Ayusin niyo muna serbisyo niyo

568 Julius Baniqued   (16 October 2016 2:55 PM)
Pakiayos lang yung cable namin

567 Rickson Rapelo   (15 October 2016 10:46 AM)
Please reconnect our cable its been a week na settle ld na ang account. Hotline na almost one hour ka na waiting wala pa din sumasagot. 663286692

566 Siddhartha antonio   (13 October 2016 0:08 AM)
Reporting that i dont have cable since oct 12 this morning my account number is 663371541 please fix this issue asap.
Im in south fairview

565 Abigail Rose D. Domacena   (12 October 2016 1:54 PM)
Hi Cannot reach the customer service i need to know my bill wala kasi akong narerecieve minsan and then now my internet is not working please help me.

564 rolando panlilio   (12 October 2016 12:59 PM)
Your customer service hotline could not be reached. Your service is very, very POOR !

563 Emmanuel Co   (10 October 2016 2:52 PM)
No sky cable since yesterday no internet and cable acct. No. 668143091 Emmanuel R. Co I need it today.

562 Gomel Gabuna   (08 October 2016 7:46 PM)
reporting that we have no cable connection since this morning of October 8, 2016: Account No. 664093499, Acount Name: Cynthia Laynesa; Latest billing paid: october 4, 2016 @ SAvemore Anonas with Cashier EED6132 (no existing balance except this current month of October na wala pang billing syempre dahil beginning of the month pa lang.. Trying to report this matter to you without expecting that you would care to immediately reply/take action. Similar previous reports took you ONE WEEK to respond. Talk about "Excellent service"...

561 Patrick villanueva   (05 October 2016 12:34 PM)
Acct 635742402 no cable network since yesterday morning 10/05/2016. Your concierge keeps telling us of the technical problem but no feedback when the signal be restored. Your hotline is useless since it would divert our concerns to uour concierge that can do nothing.
You must give us the REBATES FOR NON SERVICE....

560 charlie gonzales   (04 October 2016 2:40 PM)
pls reply asap

559 charlie gonzales   (04 October 2016 2:39 PM)
good pm kindly check my cable connection, its been 3 days that it is not working. here`s
my account number 666963296 i already paid it . i need you immediate action..

thanks ''

charlie m gonzales

558 Eden Carl O. De guzman   (02 October 2016 9:46 AM)
Paano po ba mag registered sa cable kasi walang channel yung mga channel tsaka hindi kami maka pagregistered wala kami landline thru cellphone lang po hindi ba pwede magregistered try email. Thanks please response my messages

557 Paola   (29 September 2016 8:09 AM)
May problema ba Sky Cable ngayon? Please let us know. Ang hirap naman kung hindi kami nakakapanuod ng balita o kung anu man. Please give us our money's worth..

556 Analyn S. Bal   (28 September 2016 4:43 PM)
paki puntahan naman poh yong cable namin,wala syang connection since last night ng tuesday this is my account number 669981112,,,,asap poh pleases lang poh.

555 Raul C. Fernandez   (28 September 2016 10:49 AM)
No cable service today

554 Raul C. Fernandez   (28 September 2016 10:29 AM)
Cable service is currently not available. Account number is 656913703 with address of San Roque, Talisay City, Cebu.

May I request assistance.

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