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Sky Cable Customer Service Hotline Number
Sky Cable not only offers cable tv service in the Philippines, it expands into providing a fast broadband internet service and an affordable IDD calling service.

Sky is constantly innovating and expanding. Since 1990, it acquires over half million subscribers all over the Philippines with Manila and Cebu as the biggest markets. With its growing number of customers, Sky Cable provides a way to communicate with its customer's concerns and problems.

You can contact Sky Cable Customer Service Hotline Number:
  • (02) 381-0000 (Metro Manila)
  • (02) 636-9292 (main office)
  • (046) 484 4701 (Cavite)
  • (049) 534 1555 (Laguna)
  • (02) 520 8560 (San Pedro)
  • (044) 693 5877, (044) 693 5878, (044) 693 5880, (044)693 1497 (Bulacan)
  • (032) 344-1998 (Cebu area)
  • (032) 345-2278 local 1 (Cebu area)

Fax number:
  • (02) 635-6406

Email address:
  • skyserves@mysky.com.ph (for current subscribers)
  • telesales@skycable.com (for new subscribers)

You can also contact them through their mobile phone number:
  • 0917-631-0000 (Globe)
  • 0918-863-1000 (Smart)

Do you have any concerns/problems with Sky Cable?
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424 Ma. Remedios Martinez   (28-April-2016 8:36 AM)
I have sent a text message for a "call back" since yesterday. This is regarding account number 6124022361. We have no signal since yesterday. We cannot even call the hotline numbers that you provide, even the ones in this page "0917-631-0000 (Globe)
0918-863-1000 (Smart)" They cannot be reached"

423 radeza sagarino   (27-April-2016 6:04 PM)
I want to report the sky cable connection of my cousin. it's not functioning at all since this morning. pls do something about it ASAP. thank u.

account: 663764802 Jonathan Lanting (owner)

422 kerwin cabrera   (25-April-2016 3:01 PM)
What is the procedure i should follow for you to disconnect our subscription?

421 Joylen C. Camacho   (22-April-2016 3:00 PM)
I would like to request for trouble shooting of my sky postpaid with account number 611623852 so hard to contact your customer hotline, can I ask when to call aside from your hotline? please....

420 belinda S mangulabnan   (21-April-2016 10:19 AM)
i would like to report that my smart card is invlid i cant contact the your number my account number is 603100360

419 Shalyn Ming   (19-April-2016 11:01 PM)
@ 80% reliability, I have been with out internet connection for a couple of days and with erratic connections that keeps on disconnecting. When would this be fixed? and do I get any discount on my bill for not having internet connection for more than 80% connection?

418 lyne   (19-April-2016 8:25 PM)
Can you still improve the cavite servises? thank you very much.

417 lyne   (19-April-2016 8:21 PM)
Good Day! Can you please look into our cable connection. Our subscription is partially disconnected. We have paid our bill since April 12, 2016. Nobody is answering your cavite hotline. Personal CCCSR number is always can't be reach. Our acct. number is 638025175.
Thank you very much for looking into this matter.

416 regine dalistan   (19-April-2016 1:59 PM)
good afternoon,i would like to ask a copy of the last statement of account of account number 662087955 as i already talked to accounting department last sunday and agreed that she will email the request soonest but until now i havent received the said request.please send it to my email as soon as you receive the following request, thank you.

415 Daniel O. Castillo   (19-April-2016 9:53 AM)
I have been trying to get to your customer service by phone but failed. I cannot use my broadband and cable at the same time. I hope to get to talk to somebody to have this problem fixed especially so that I have been up-to-date with my payments. If ever, I do hope as well for sky to send a team this Saturday to our home to check what has been wrong with our connections, My daughter badly needs to use the internet with her current job right now. We hope this can be done without having to sacrifice watching our favorite tv shows.

414 anna marie fuentes bunyi   (16-April-2016 2:05 PM)
Account number 638321203
Account name anna marie fuentes bunyi


Please kindly explain to me the poor service we encountered

Kindly call me at 09258031109

There's a lot of concerns and issues need to address.

Hoping for your immediate action


413 Ma. Luisa Dela Cruz   (08-April-2016 12:20 PM)
Hi, So hard to contact your customer service i will request for to transfer my skycable account no. 648901836
in my new area same address.


412 Boots   (07-April-2016 8:17 AM)
I would like to report i have cable connection all channel almost two weeks my account number 663336924

411 Geron Gutierrez Jr   (06-April-2016 7:27 PM)

I want to apply sky cable but its hard to contact all numbers listed on your site. Please let me know who is the right person and right number I need to dial, I always experience when I dial the number just only ring,


410 camela pascual   (05-April-2016 1:54 PM)
hi..i just want to ask how much is the remote control of the digibox?if i buy the remote should i still installed or i can use it right away..hir is my contact number 0977-7305618.. thank you and hoping you can answer my inquiry..god bless

409 garnett   (05-April-2016 10:38 AM)
Your hotline is not working.

408 LIWAYWAY PESIGAN   (04-April-2016 4:14 PM)

407 smj   (04-April-2016 3:23 PM)
JD Marfil 09054459448, 09989532331 skycable agent is super unreliable so dumb. do not deal with her. she turn off her phone. She will register your name in the system then she is gone so no other agent can help you. Now i am stuck without internet..

406 Novelyn Laranjo   (31-March-2016 2:58 PM)

I would like to ask if this account #201075831 is already paid for this month? I received the statement of account dated 30 March 2016 and the due date of payment is on March 9, 2016. Please confirm ASAP!

Thank you for your quick response.

405 Willy Dula   (31-March-2016 1:55 PM)
Sky Cable? means very poor service.putang inang costumer service yan. theres nobody answering the phone.

404 WBM   (31-March-2016 11:23 AM)

I need live agent in customer service. I don't like phone and just press the # and text the code to reach the customer support. It's very hard.

403 Maria Roida Sevilla   (30-March-2016 2:29 PM)
until now we do not have internet connection...can you please check asap

402 Ronald pagulayan jr   (29-March-2016 3:08 PM)
Please help me on our slow internet connection Please do action... Please contact me on my number 09275177220

#15 Argos St. North fairview Q.C
account name: Rosario Irene pagulayan

401 mary jane   (29-March-2016 10:56 AM)
My accunt number is #648184778 located in Paranaque city, my sky cable box has been dead or no power and I've been trying to reach your customer service since March 18 but your system is so crafty, your answering machine doesn't even recognise the numbers I pressed according to it's instructions ... where are your real people? I happen to speak to one of them but she's too lazy to help and said it's the wrong department. Please if you can not fix my sky cable box .. just cut off my subscription so I won't have to pay a useless services. Here's my mobile number 09175357307.

400 rodeza jose   (24-March-2016 8:04 AM)
i would like to report our cable no connection please response asap

399 Caroline a Napalan   (23-March-2016 1:05 PM)
We are suffering long enough getting impatient with your poor service

398 Caroline a Napalan   (23-March-2016 1:03 PM)
I went to your office in kawit but no office of skycable . May I know where it was relocated

397 Caroline a Napalan   (23-March-2016 10:53 AM)
Please help. We have no signal since yesterday we badly need it ASAP my account number 637578081 my name is caroline a Napalan . Hope you can fixed it today thanks and god bless

396 Jester Ramirez   (16-March-2016 12:08 PM)
Hotline numbers are all not working (please update your true and working contact numbers). Please improve your customer service level (very poor). I need to talk to a customer agent with a sense of urgency on your end.

395 sam   (16-March-2016 6:33 AM)
This company, Sky cable, will do anything and everything to avoid talking to its customers!! This is the top 5 worst companies in the Philippines.

Someone came to our house more than one week after the schedule date to fix our cable and instead of fixing a few channels with poor reception to no reception, we now have no signal or cable at all. No channels.

Ang galing talaga mga tao niyo. Switching to Cignal.

Everyone switch to another company. The channels when we subscribed to Sky many years ago were much better!!!! More channels and less interruptions.

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