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Sky Cable Customer Service Hotline Number
Sky Cable not only offers cable tv service in the Philippines, it expands into providing a fast broadband internet service and an affordable IDD calling service.

Sky is constantly innovating and expanding. Since 1990, it acquires over half million subscribers all over the Philippines with Manila and Cebu as the biggest markets. With its growing number of customers, Sky Cable provides a way to communicate with its customer's concerns and problems.

You can contact Sky Cable Customer Service Hotline Number:

      > (02) 381-0000
      > (02) 636-9292 (main office)
      > 09173702545, 09276451292 and 09172431045  (Luzon area, Cavite)
      > (032) 344-1998 (Cebu area)
      > (032) 345-2278 local 1 (Cebu area)

Fax number:

      > (02) 635-6406

Email address:

      > skyserves@mysky.com.ph (for current subscribers)
      > telesales@skycable.com (for new subscribers)

You can also contact them through their mobile phone number:

      > 0917-631-0000 (Globe)
      > 0918-863-1000 (Smart)

Do you have any concerns/problems with Sky Cable?
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381 Adam   (07-February-2016 8:59 PM)
Your hotline is not working and its taking a long time to get to the final destination. Can you improve the quality of your hotline please

380 Adam   (07-February-2016 8:55 PM)
Im not able to call your hotline for 3 days. Nobody is answering the phone. Please do something about this

379 Joy   (04-February-2016 8:52 AM)
Hotline numbers are all not working (please update your true and working contact numbers). Please improve your customer service level (very poor). I need to talk to a customer agent with a sense of urgency on your end.

378 rolando j abeto   (02-February-2016 6:27 PM)
I would like to report my cable no signal connection before 2days contact me 09109463434

377 Celine Saw   (01-February-2016 8:16 PM)

I am Sky Cable and Broadband's subscriber. The line was sucked! Can you get someone to call me back on how to resolve this issue?

376 Greg Smith   (30-January-2016 7:01 PM)
I have an issue with your hotline service. It does not work. I have tried without success to contact customer support on the local Bacolod number and also the Metro Manila number, I get to the point where I am asked for my account number, press 1 as asked to confirm it is correct then all I get is silence, nothing further. We have had a signal outage here since 1545 this afternoon. All I want to do is report it and have the signal rectified. This is very poor customer service indeed.
Please fix you new system or revert to the old one where you could actually speak to someone.
I hope someone actually reads these things and does something about it.

375 rodeza jose   (25-January-2016 11:33 AM)
i would like to report my cable no signal no connection for 5 days......I cant contact you and my concierge.....please reponse asap!!!!

374 Terry Santos   (13-January-2016 8:33 AM)
I would like to report a tapping activity here in our area specifically at 67 Fort Santiago St. Bago Bantay, Quezon City. Please check and the said illegal tapping be penalized.
Thank you for your kind attention.

373 Elaine Perin   (12-January-2016 2:40 PM)
Hi Good day!

We have no Cable. Please fix it, we already paid our billed amount dated January 10.
And I can't contact your hotline.
Thank you

372 Melvin Pelegrina   (07-January-2016 2:52 PM)
We cannot watch for more than 2 weeks already. And sky Cable haven't done anything yet and the new bill is already on it's way. It's already 2016 and sky cable staff seems to be still on vacation

371 Robert Schmick   (17-December-2015 7:03 PM)
why am I waiting for some one to fix my connection for 1 week now when I go to the sky cable office here in gensan I get all kinds of story's why they cant do something all i'm asking for is what i'm paying sky cable for I shouldn't have to pay for service i'm not getting that put's me in the stupid list anyone here in the Philippines having the same problem if so we need to band together

370 Farah Santos   (09-December-2015 4:35 PM)
We dont have cable for several days now. I have been calling your imus branch in cavite but no answer... Please email me thank you..

369 Franz Shane Zamora   (05-December-2015 3:39 PM)
I am very interested with the 50mbps internet connection. How can I avail of it? Why is your hotline always unreachable? Please get in touch with me through my email. Thanks.

368 karell ong   (05-December-2015 10:10 AM)
we have no cable and your service hotline isn't working what are we going to do?how can you know that your cable in our place is down?please do something immediately....

367 Nora Liza T Caleda   (05-December-2015 7:45 AM)
I can't get the signal on any of our 2 cable connections. The message on screen is "the service currently scrambled". It can't be due to bills unpaid cuz we are up to date with payment. I can send you confirmation of payments if needed. What seems to be the problem?

366 Adrian   (03-December-2015 10:53 PM)
I got three skycable accounts at home. One is not working for three consecutive days now! And none of your hotline numbers is working! What kind of service is this?! You get back to me asap, otherwise I'll bring this concern to DTI and national TV!

365 Mary Jane Argueza   (02-December-2015 10:56 AM)
Please provide a customer hotline for us to connect to any of your representative. Your hotline is not working and nobody is answering to any of your posted numbers. I guess it is our privilege as customers to get any information regarding our concern on your service. Please get back to me very soon. Thank you.

364 stacey baird   (14-November-2015 10:21 AM)
Is it true that SKYCABLE in Davao is in or about to go in bankruptcy? I have heard that service level are deteriorating and some people are short paying to get credits for outages and poor picture quality and also that the customer service phone system Davao does not work months on end. that number is (082)244 0676. When the automated attendant system comes on and asks for numbered problem selection, the system doesn't recognize the input for several months now. So, no help line and no cable or bad cable picture almost continuously. For me, that is the road to bankrupcty.

363 Shirleen   (03-November-2015 9:14 AM)
Hello and good day.

I just want to inquire if there are any requirements needed in transferring the cable wires from the old pole to the new pole. It is the main wire and it is not connected to any houses nearby.

Hoping to hear your feedback very soon.


362 peter trombetta   (01-November-2015 4:48 AM)
I live in Puerto Penasco Mexico. Does Sky here have many or any English channels? I presently have Megacable but with very limited English channels.

361 kenneth garcia   (31-October-2015 9:19 PM)
why is my cable tv is not working since yesterday.? from san antonio village makati city

360 Cecilio Hodreal   (30-October-2015 9:38 AM)
I dont have connection. Theres A MESSAGE IN THE tv 16-4 tHE SERVICE IS CURRENTLY SCRAMBLED.my telephone number is 8952017 - 09185656512

359 Herminia Reyes   (22-October-2015 3:56 PM)
We have no cable, please fix it right away in the name of my husband Emilio R.Reyes w/ an account number 600253492 w/ address 7158 Gumamela st. Guadalupe Viejo Makati City thank you.

358 Ronnie Litiatco   (18-October-2015 11:39 PM)
Hi, I received a call on my mobile phone from 0925.469.8285 today (Sunday, 18 Oct 2015) at 5.27pm as we were rushing to go to church service. Since I was in a rush, all I could make out was the guy was introducing himself and I heard Sky Cable. I told him to call later cause I was driving. He called again and I ignored the call -- must have rang 10X.
When I was in church, he sent me this text message (posting verbatim): sir, gud evening ako poh c DESIDERIO SUMALINOG ng SPR-STRETEGIC POWER RESOURCES at we are conducting a customer satisfaction surfey ng SKY CABLE at isa poh kayo sa aming listahan. Sir, kilan poh available na araw niyo poh pwede puntahan sa bahay ninyo.
I told him I will be busy on Monday and Tuesday and asked if he could just interview me over the phone. I told him I am not a subscriber of Sky Cable. I am actually a subscriber of Destiny Cable and Sky Broadband.
His reply: sir, kilangan poh personal at mapuntahan kayo para poh to sa sky cable subscriber.
I smell something fishy here.
Can you verify and get back to me.

357 Carmen Herrera   (15-October-2015 1:43 PM)
It's almost 24hrs that we don't have connection. Kindly fix it. My account no. is 637585177.


356 Carmilita Z. Riveral   (19-September-2015 3:14 AM)
There is no cable service since September 16, 2015. What is happening to your system? I get sick and tired of its often out of service. Please rush in fixing this. Account No. 612271143.

355 VERGARA, ALEXANDRA   (10-September-2015 6:04 PM)

354 Don Miguel Garcia   (08-September-2015 3:08 PM)
please resume our internet connection since it is not our fault not receiving bill. where did you send it? please advise total amount due ad what bank can i pay?
thank you

353 ruby jean espana   (07-September-2015 9:00 PM)
Good evening , bakit na LNG laging walang cable dito as Richland subd. Nagbabayad nma kami paki check nga po.

352 Edilberto Buguis   (06-September-2015 7:23 PM)
Regarding billing statement for the month of August received the billing PHP 1,998.00 Account 653556691 and other account 653556454 billing PHP 1,498.00 my last billed i already paid at the Bayad center last August 20, 2015.Please check this matter.

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