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Touch Mobile (TM) Balance Inquiry

Have you forgotten how to check or inquire your load balance in your Touch Mobile (TM) sim? Here's a reminder post for you.

3 Ways for TM Balance Inquiry:

1.  Call 802. This option will charge you Php1.00 per call.

2.  Dial *102# and press send/call. This is the better way because it's free.

3.  Dial *143# to inquire balance and also to load call card, share a load and subscribe/unsubscribe to TM promos.

The balance inquiry will give you the following information:
  • Remaining load balance
  • Expiry of remaining load balance
  • Free SMS wallet balance
If you forgot again how to inquire balance in your TM, just get back here.

How about you? Which way do you prefer in inquiring your TM load balance?
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10 ariane   (23 June 2015 4:55 PM)
My touch mobile sim is stealing my load without me knowing. I notice everyday my load is deducted 2.50 or 5.help me please.thank you

9 Boy Derilo   (09 January 2014 11:04 AM)
Is there a land line number that customers can call to complain about lost unused load?

8 Boy Derilo   (09 January 2014 11:02 AM)
TM never fails to steal my prepaid load. It happened again today when after loading P30.00, I couldn't acces the C20 promo. When I checked my balance, it had only P10 remaining. WHERE DID THE LOAD GO? sTOLEN BY TM as usual!

7 Dan Labiniaz   (22 September 2013 7:48 PM)
Good evening, I have a concern. I accidentally sent a blank message to *143# and a friend of mine later typed PROMOS and sent it to the same number. But when I checked my Load Balance, all my load was gone! Is there a way to get it back or what can you say about this? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

6 dodie   (08 September 2013 3:44 PM)
how to monitoring the balance of other sim especially my sister i want to monitor her.

5 kenji   (08 May 2013 6:02 PM)
My sim has failed registration ?

4 wilmz   (12 March 2013 11:53 AM)
Thanks for the info. It really helps me.

3 mark vince año   (05 March 2013 7:37 PM)
how to know if how many the free text messages ?

2 jaey are   (18 December 2012 5:31 AM)
Tnx 4 dis site.n0w i knw how to balance my excess lod,tnx again its really help me a lot.

1 jude   (21 November 2012 2:11 PM)
Thanks for this post. I was able to inquire balance on my cellphone. But sometimes I'm discouraged with TM's services because it deducts or should I say it steals load from my balance without my knowledge. I hope TM will improve and get their reputation better.