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UC - University of Cebu Requirements for Enrolment
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In order for a student to be admitted in University of Cebu (UC), necessary requirements must be met. Given below are the requirements needed for students who want to study in University of Cebu (UC). Admission Requirements are given or sorted according to what type of student you are.

UC - University of Cebu Requirements for Enrolment

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New Student Enrolment Requirements

Students who wish to enroll at University of Cebu are requested to bring the following documents:

• High School Report Card (Form 138)
• Birth Certificate with LCR Number (from NSO)
• Certificate of Good Moral Character
• 1 copy of 2x2 colored picture
• 2 copies of 1x1 colored pictures (for BSMT/BSMarE courses)
• 4 copies of 2x2 colored pictures (for BSMT/BSMarE courses)

High School
• Elementary School Report Card (Form 138)
• Certificate of Good Moral Character
• Photocopy of Birth Certificate

• Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
• Photocopy of Birth Certificate
• 2 copies of 2x2 colored picture
• Medical Certificate

Old Student Enrolment Requirements

Students who are already enrolled at University of Cebu are requested bring the following documents upon enrollment:

College, High School and Elementary
• School Report Card

Returnee Enrolment Requirements

Students who missed one school semester are considered returnees, and are requested to bring the following document upon enrollment:

• School Report Card of last semester attended.

Shiftee Enrolment Requirements

Students who wanted to change/shift course are requested to bring the following documents upon enrollment:

• Copy of grades from previous semester
• Certificate of Good Moral Character
• I.Q. Test Results

Transferee Enrolment Requirements

Students who wish to transfer from other School/University to University of Cebu should bring the following documents upon enrollment:

• Original Report Card from previous school or Informative copy of Transcript of Records
• Certificate of Transfer Credentials
• Certificate of Good Moral Conduct
• Photocopy of Birth Certificate
• Entrance Exam Results

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187 jessica   (03-November-2015 7:40 AM)
hi good day ! i just only ask when will be the last day enrollment in 2nd sem for new student ?
please reply ....
thank you and god bless !

186 rocheza   (30-October-2015 2:26 PM)
I want to shift BSED. And then my concern is about the tuition. I will just ask if how much per semester?

185 mikes   (28-October-2015 4:39 PM)
How much is the enrollment fee?

184 Domiciano Luna III   (28-October-2015 11:45 AM)
I would just like to ask , How can incoming senior High school students avail in your school ? Is registrations happening ? where can we take forms? Requirements ? Things like that .. Cause We (Me and My Friends) would really like to enroll in University of Cebu for Senior High than any other schools . Hoping to get a quick respond from you guys so we can make big preparations . Thank you Guys and God Bless .

183 Mayet Desoyo   (24-October-2015 6:47 PM)
Will you accept Senior High students from other schools?

182 A ura Lee   (22-October-2015 8:55 PM)
Does your school accepts new students in second semester?

181 mark hearn   (20-October-2015 7:46 PM)
When will be the enrollment for 2nd sem?

180 rodel lawag   (15-October-2015 12:00 PM)
Good day,
May kapatid po akong papaaralin sa UC ngayung 2nd sem. Kaylan po mag start ang endrolment?

179 Aljen servado   (10-September-2015 8:21 AM)
Hi ma'am & sir, may ask how much the enrollment fee for BSHRM IN the first enroll there?

178 ella   (06-September-2015 6:16 PM)
i have a question this school they are offering a k12 academic this year?

177 lyan mae   (28-August-2015 10:48 PM)
good day !
Ma'am/sir ,
can i ask some about this ?
i really want to enroll in your school, i am from another school and i am only taking up 1st semester last 2011 , so where can i get a good moral ? or is that really needed Ma'am / sir ? and may i ask how much is the tuation fee for a course of b.s office administration ?

Thankyou so much and i am hoping for your favorable response :)

176 Angelica   (18-July-2015 6:42 PM)
Good day!
Can I ask about this.?
I want to enrol myself at your school but I have a problem about my requirements.
I was lost my school documents and now I'm requesting it from my schools before but they can't provide me what I needed..
I only have now is my Xerox copy of form137.
I can only get my true copies of form137 if have a request form from your school..
Do I have a chance to enrol my self in your school.?

Thank you so much and I'm hoping for your kind consideration.

175 cherry ann antigo   (23-June-2015 11:24 AM)
Hi maam/sir, i would like ask if its possible a graduate of BSIT food technology would take BS tourism in your school? How much is the tuition fee?

174 Letecia Lanete   (15-June-2015 6:14 PM)
I would like to ask how much is the tuition fee for elementary. My daughter is Grade Six and Transferee. Can I ask when is the entrance examination.

173 JENELLE pinez   (03-June-2015 7:06 PM)
Good day maAm Sir i would like to ask if alternative Learning Education graduate is possibile to enroll criminolgy course in this school . Thanks

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