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All folders are Read-Only (Windows)

All folders are Read-Only (Windows)

This problem has been around for quite some time and I have never found a solution. I even had to format once to get rid of it. And I'm not the only one with this: here, here and here.

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Hm... if you disabled simple file sharing, did you go into the sharing options and make sure your account has premission to write?
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"No idea why Eclipse isn't working for the OP, but the confusion regarding the Read-only checkbox in the file folder Properties dialog needs to be cleared up.

The Read-only checkbox is not a status indicator!

Yes, the Hidden checkbox does serve as both toggle & inicator of a folder's Hidden attribute. But the Read-only checkbox, by contrast, is a tri-state switch:

Checked: Set attribute on files in folder
Cleared: Clear attribute on files in folder
Gray Square: Take no action

The action (if any) occurs when the OK or Apply button is clicked.

The ""Take no action"" state is the default state whenever the Properties dialog is displayed --- for every file system folder on every Windows system in the world. Easiest test is to create a new, empty folder & view the dialog. There's the gray square! So much for the mixed content theory!
The way to determine if the Read-only attribute is set for any file or folder is to add the Attributes column to a Details view in Explorer:"