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Removing logon name from autofill list?

Removing logon name from autofill list?

Since a friend of mine used my computer to logon to her Gmail account, I am no longer logged on automatically like before, so I must type my login name and password every time.

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Guest [Entry]

"**This works for Firefox / Windows/ Chrome-
Click on the down arrow key then a dropdown list will appear.
Now select the username which you want to remove from the list and click the combination keys ""shift + delete"".

Source : http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/XzwMkwmyZ9U**"
Guest [Entry]

On a Mac, press ↓ and use Fn⌫
Guest [Entry]

"This is an auto-complete function. Depending on the browser that you are using, you can turn it off and delete the auto-complete history.

Internet Explorer 6:

Go to Tools --> Internet Options.
Select the ""Content"" tab and click on the ""AutoComplete"" button.
Then de-select ""Forms""
Then click on the ""Clear Forms"" button and that will delete the history.

Firefox 2 and Netscape 9:

Go to Tools --> Options.
Select the ""Privacy"" tab and de-select ""Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar""
Then in the ""Private Data"" section, click on the ""Clear Now..."" button and select ""Saved form and search history""
Click on ""Clear Private Data Now"" button."
Guest [Entry]

If the arrow key does not work then start with the first letter of the autofill and you will see the names in the autofill list below the sign-in spot. Then move the cursor over the name in the autofill names but do not click on it and with the name highlighted then do the shift delete. Do the same for any others